Can Horses Swim In Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that simulates the real world in many ways, including animal behavior. Players can tame and ride horses in the game, but can they swim like real horses?

In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and discuss how horses can be towed in Minecraft.

Can Horses Swim In Minecraft

Can horses swim in Minecraft?

Horses can be towed in two ways. Firstly, it is possible to tow horses behind a boat using a lead in the water.

Secondly, a boat can be attached to a lead before putting the horse in the boat, and the player can swim while towing the boat containing the horse.

Both options require a lead, and the choice depends on the player’s preference and situation.

Explanation of Horse Movement in Water

Horses can swim in Minecraft, but their swimming movements differ from those of other animals and players.

When a player or other animal is in the water, it will automatically float to the surface or move slowly in the chosen direction.

However, with horses, the player needs to take control and guide the horse’s movements. Horses’ movements in the water depend on the player’s interactions, and actions such as jumping, attacking or standing still result in different movement patterns.

Differences Between Water Movement for Horses and Other Animals/players

The main difference between horse movements in the water and other players/animals is the need for constant control.

Players and animals will naturally move to the surface and move slowly, but with horses, the player needs to guide them.

Additionally, horses take longer to reach full speed compared to other animals, but once they do, they move significantly faster than other animals

Benefits of swimming for horses in Minecraft

Swimming is an excellent skill for horses to have in Minecraft, and it offers several benefits that can help players and their horses in the game.

Here are some of the advantages of swimming for horses in Minecraft

  1. Crossing water bodies: As mentioned earlier, swimming is often the only way for horses to cross large bodies of water. Without this skill, players would have to go around such obstacles, which could be time-consuming and frustrating. With swimming, however, players can save time and effort by directly crossing the water with their horse.
  2. Improving health and speed stats: When horses swim, they get a workout that can improve their health and speed stats. The more they swim, the more their stats increase, which can make them faster and stronger in future gameplay.
  3. Building trust: Swimming is a way for players to build trust with their horses. As the player guides the horse through the water, the horse learns to trust the player and becomes more cooperative in future interactions. This trust can make it easier for players to train their horse, ride it, and perform other tasks together.
  4. Exploration: In Minecraft, swimming can also be a fun way for players to explore the game’s vast world. With a horse that can swim, players can explore islands, lakes, and other bodies of water that they might not be able to access otherwise. This can add a new level of excitement to the gameplay and help players discover new areas and items in the game.

How to swim with horses in Minecraft

In Minecraft, it is possible to swim with horses by towing them behind a boat or by attaching a boat to a lead before adding the horse. Here’s how to do it.

Towing Horses Behind Boats

To tow horses behind boats, you’ll need a lead. Place the lead on the horse and then right-click on the horse with it to attach it.

Once the lead is attached to the horse, enter the boat and start driving it. The horse will follow behind the boat.

It’s important to note that the horse will only follow if it is in the water. If it is on land or in shallow water, it will not follow.

Also, make sure to keep an eye on the horse’s health bar, as it will start to take damage if it stays in the water for too long.

Attaching Boats to Leads Before Adding the Horse

Another way to swim with horses is to attach a boat to a lead before adding the horse. To do this, place the boat in the water and then attach the lead to it.

Then, bring the horse to the boat and right-click on the horse with a saddle to add it to the boat.

Once the horse is in the boat, you can start driving it. Again, make sure to keep an eye on the horse’s health bar, as it will start to take damage if it stays in the water for too long.

Tips for Maneuvering Horses in the Water

Swimming with horses in Minecraft can be a bit tricky, but with a few tips, players can navigate the water with ease.

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to maneuver horses in the water:

  1. Choose calm waters: The first step is to find a calm water body to swim in. Waves can make it difficult to control the horse, so players should look for a lake or a river with still water. Avoid oceans and other large bodies of water as they can be more challenging to navigate.
  2. Use a lead or a boat: Before entering the water, players should attach a lead to the horse or put it in a boat. This will make it easier to control the horse’s movement in the water. If using a boat, the player can use the boat controls to steer the horse in the right direction.
  3. Avoid obstacles: As the horse swims, players should keep an eye out for obstacles like rocks and trees. These can damage both the horse and the boat, so players should steer clear of them. If the horse does collide with an obstacle, it can take damage and lose health.
  4. Monitor the horse’s health: Players should keep a close eye on the horse’s health bar while swimming. If the horse stays in the water for too long, it will start taking damage and lose health. To avoid this, players should periodically bring the horse to shore or take a break from swimming.
  5. Control the horse’s movement: Finally, players should use the lead or the boat to control the horse’s movement in the water. To move the horse forward, players should gently tug on the lead or use the boat controls to steer it in the desired direction. Players can also jump on the horse’s back while it swims and use the WASD controls to move it around.

Advantages of swimming with horses in Minecraft

Swimming with horses in Minecraft is an exciting and unique mode of transportation that offers several advantages over other forms of transportation.

Here are some of the benefits of swimming with horses in Minecraft

Faster Travel

Horses are known for their speed, and when they swim, they can cover large distances quickly. This makes swimming with horses an excellent way to travel across large bodies of water in Minecraft. Players can reach their destinations faster than if they were to swim or use a boat.

Unique Experience

Swimming with horses in Minecraft is a unique and exciting experience that players can’t get with other modes of transportation. It allows players to explore the game world in a different way and adds a level of enjoyment and excitement to the gameplay.

Improved Stats

Swimming with horses in Minecraft can also improve the horse’s stats, making it faster and stronger. As the horse swims, it gets a workout that can increase its speed and health, making it an even more effective mode of transportation.


Swimming with horses is also convenient, as players don’t need to build or repair a boat to cross a body of water. They can simply lead their horse into the water and swim across. This can save time and resources and make gameplay more efficient.

Increased Trust

Swimming with horses can also help build trust between the player and the horse. As the horse learns to navigate the water with the player’s guidance, it becomes more cooperative and trusting, making it easier to train and ride in the future.

Limitations of swimming with horses in Minecraft

Swimming with horses is a unique feature introduced in Minecraft that allows players to transport their horses over water.

However, there are several limitations and risks associated with this method.

Firstly, there are distance restrictions when towing a horse behind a boat. It is recommended to keep the distance short as the horse may get tired or lose stamina, resulting in its drowning.

This can be particularly challenging when crossing large bodies of water, such as oceans, where players may need to make multiple stops to ensure their horse doesn’t drown.

Secondly, there is a risk of both the horse and the player drowning. If the lead breaks or the horse becomes unmanageable in the water, it may swim away from the player, causing it to drown. Similarly, the player may get pulled under the water by the weight of the horse or the boat.

Lastly, there is the potential difficulty in controlling the horse while swimming. As horses have their own limitations in the water, they may become more difficult to control, potentially causing the boat to veer off course or collide with obstacles.

Overall, while swimming with horses may seem like an exciting and convenient option, it is important to take into consideration the risks and limitations associated with it.

Players should take precautions to ensure the safety of both themselves and their horses, such as using short distances, keeping a close eye on their horses, and being prepared for potential emergencies.

Why Won’t a Horse Drink Water?

Horses may not drink water if it’s stale or dirty. Algae or contamination can cause them to refuse water.

Dehydration and illness can also affect their water intake. Changes in water sources or routines can cause refusal.

Horses may prefer drinking water from a certain source. Water temperature can also affect their water intake. High salt intake can make horses more thirsty. Dental issues can make it painful to drink water.

Stress and anxiety can also affect their water intake. Regular cleaning and management of water sources can encourage horses to drink more.

Can Horses See in the Dark?

  1. Horses Have Natural Night Vision Abilities: Horses are born with superior night vision compared to humans due to having more rods in their retinas.
  2. Night Vision Helps Horses Survive: Horses need good night vision to navigate their environment in the dark, avoid predators, and find food and water sources.
  3. Horses Adapt to Low Light: Horses’ eyes are built to adjust to low light conditions, which means they can quickly adapt to a dimly lit area, making it easier for them to see.
  4. Artificial Light Can Disrupt Horses’ Night Vision: Bright artificial light sources such as car headlights or torches can temporarily blind horses and hinder their natural night vision abilities.
  5. Feeding in the Dark Could Be Harmful: Horses have been known to develop night blindness as a result of eating in the dark, which can cause long-term vision problems.

Can Horses Eat Chocolate?

Horses should never be given chocolate because it can be toxic. Theobromine, a chemical in cocoa, is the culprit.

Theobromine can cause horses to become sick or even die. Small amounts of chocolate can still cause harm to horses.

Dark chocolate contains more theobromine than milk chocolate. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in horses include vomiting and diarrhea.

Chocolate can also cause heart problems in horses. There is no antidote for theobromine poisoning in horses.

If you suspect your horse has ingested chocolate, seek veterinary attention immediately. Always keep chocolate and other toxic foods away from horses.

To Recap

Horses in Minecraft can swim with the help of a lead or a boat. They can be towed as well, using either of these methods.

While Minecraft is not an exact replica of the real world, it does attempt to capture certain aspects, such as animal behavior.

Horses are just one example of the many animals that players can interact within the game. Whether you’re an avid Minecraft player or just curious about the game, understanding how horses function is a fascinating aspect of this world-building game.

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