Can I Change My Square Enix Id?

If you need to confirm your Square Enix ID, reset your password if necessary. You can also change your first/last name, date of birth and country/region on the My Account page.

Make sure to regularly update this information as it may be changed periodically in order to comply with regional laws or policies. Finally, remember never to share your Square Enix ID or password with anyone.

Can I Change My Square Enix Id?

Can I Change My Square Enix Id?

Confirm your SQUARE ENIX ID by entering the code found on your account or receipt. Reset Your Password If Necessary by inputting the new password into the login form below.

Change Your First/Last Name if you’d like to be known by a different name on SQUARE ENIX sites and services. Change Your Date of Birth to reflect the current year or month, day, and time format (e.g., 01/01/1970 10:00 PM).

Update your Country/Region to reflect where you currently reside in the world (or would like us to locate you based on IP address). Generate 15 Lines of random characters

How do I reset my SQUARE ENIX ID?

If you have forgotten your SQUARE ENIX ID or password, you can access the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System and select the “Forgot your ID or password?” option below the “Log In” button.

Follow the onscreen instructions to recover your SQUARE ENIX ID and/or password. If you need assistance but don’t have a copy of your original account information, please contact customer service for help recovering your account information.

Keep in mind that if you forget your login credentials for more than two weeks, we will reset them automatically without requiring any action from you so that you may continue using our products uninterruptedly as long as possible. For additional security measures, please always use complex passwords that include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (including punctuation).

Can you delete your SQUARE ENIX ID?

You can delete your SQUARE ENIX ID if you no longer want to use the account. To update your account information, go to ‘Account’, select ‘Account Information’ and enter your date of birth.

If you have questions about deleting or managing your SQUARE ENIX ID, please contact customer service at 1-800-331-3743. Cancelling an account will remove all associated data from our systems, including any games or content that you may have purchased through the account(s).

Please note: Deleting an account will not refund any purchases made using the deleted accounts funds or cancel any pending orders placed using those accounts funds

Can I change my Ffxiv username?

You can now change your Ffxiv username through the game’s account management page per character, much like the appearance-changing aspects of Fantasia.

The cost for a single rename is $10 and they are purchased per character rather than account-wide. This feature is available starting from November 20th, 2017 patch update 4 .0 .5 .

If you have multiple characters in the same world, be sure to log out of each one before changing their name so that all their gear and levels are saved properly. Be creative – go ahead and type in something fun or unique for your new persona.

Is SQUARE ENIX ID your username?

No, your SE id (username) will not be on the forum. It’s just a nickname that you’ve chosen for yourself. If you need to contact us or have any other questions related to the site, we recommend using your username instead of your SE id.

Make sure to enter your username when signing up for forums and commenting so we can easily find you. We hope that this helps keep things more organized and easier to navigate for all of our users. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns about using the website.

Where is my Square Enix ID?

If you are unable to locate your SQUARE ENIX ID, you should first attempt to log in using the email address registered to the SQUARE ENIX ID. Once logged in, the SQUARE ENIX ID should display at the top of the page.

If you have forgotten your password or lost your login information, please contact customer service at for assistance. In order to prevent other users from accessing personal data that may be associated with your account (such as game progress), please remember to never share your login credentials with anyone and always use a strong password when signing up for an account or logging into one of our games online.

For more help on how to manage and protect your Square Enix account, please visit our Help Center

Can you make a new Square Enix account with the same email?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to create a new Square Enix account with the same email address. You will only be able to have one new Square Enix account created per e-mail address.

If you already have an existing Square Enix account, please contact customer support for assistance in transferring your data over to your new account. Make sure that you enter a valid and active e-mail address when creating your new Square Enix account in order to receive important updates and notifications about the game company’s products and services.

Email addresses are confidential information and should only be shared with those who need access to it in order to properly manage their accounts or participate in promotions offered by Square Enix Co., Ltd..

What happens if I delete my Square Enix account?

If you delete your Square Enix account, any copies of Final Fantasy XI or Final Fantasy XIV that are linked to the account will be unplayable and it will not be possible to re-register the keys for these games on a different Square Enix Account in future.

Please note that deletion of your Square Enix Account also means that all login information (such as usernames and passwords) is lost forever. If you have questions about deleting your account, please reach out to customer support at

You can keep any gaming achievements and progress made while using your Square Enix Account even after it’s been deleted – just make sure to backup the data before doing so. It’s important to know what happens if you lose access to your Square Enix Account, in case something happens where you need access to those characters or items again

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ffxiv delete inactive accounts?

They don’t delete inactive accounts.

How much does a name change cost Ffxiv?

To name a character in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station, you’ll need to access the Additional Services menu and select “Renaming Characters.” There, you’ll find a list of available names. Choose one that’s close to your desired personality and fate.

How long does a name change take Ffxiv?

You will be able to change your character name on the character selection screen in the game immediately following the purchase, at which point you will also be notified by e-mail that your request has been processed. Please note that in rare cases, it may take additional time for the request to be processed.

How do I change my Square Enix name?

If you are unable to log into the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System, confirm your SQUARE ENIX ID and reset your password if necessary.

What does Square Enix ID mean? is a unique identifier for an account that can be used in various online services, such as the game website and social media platforms.

To Recap

There is no way to change your Square Enix id, so if you want to keep your account safe it’s best to use a different name when playing games. If you’re getting asked for your Square Enix id everywhere you go then it’s probably not the safest thing to have online.

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Can I Change My Square Enix Id?

To confirm your Square Enix ID, reset your password if necessary and change your first/last name, date of birth and country/region. Keep your Square Enix account secure by changing the security questions and keeping up to date on the latest security measures.

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