Can Sukuna Beat Gojo?

Sukuna and Gojo are evenly matched, with Sukuna having a 75% chance of defeating Gojo at full power. If the match were to take place at full power, then Sukuna would have a fair chance of winning due to his greater strength.

However, if the match were to take place at half power then Gojo would have an advantage since he is stronger in that state. The fight could go either way – it’s up to fate.

Can Sukuna Beat Gojo?

Can Sukuna Beat Gojo?

Sukuna and Gojo are evenly matched. If the match were to take place at full power, then Sukuna would have a fair chance of winning. However, if the match were to take place at 75% of his full strength, Sukunna would have difficulty defeating Gojo.

Is Gojo more powerful than Sukuna?

Gojo is stronger and faster than Sukunas, but since Sukuna isn’t a human being he’s definitely weaker in terms of physical strength and speed. Gojo’s physical abilities are near to those of Sukunas, making him a very powerful fighter.

Although Sukuna is strong and fast himself, his lack of human-like reflexes means that Gojo can often catch him off guard with his fighting skills. Even though their strengths vary somewhat, both fighters have the potential to win any battle they enter if they use their heads.

No matter who you’re rooting for – Gojo or Sukunas – don’t underestimate their abilities when it comes to martial arts.

Can Gojo Satoru beat Sukuna?

Yes, Gojo has the skill and control over his occult energy that allows him to use Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Techniques better than anyone else.

From what we could gather, this theoretical ability would give him an advantage over Sukuna in a fight. However, it’s still unclear if he can actually overpower Sukuna in a real-life situation due to their different skillsets and abilities.

Therefore, until there is conclusive evidence either way, it’s best not to make any assumptions about who would win a battle between these two characters. Fans of both characters will be eagerly waiting for future episodes to see how the duel unfolds – so stay tuned.

Who can beat Gojo Satoru?

Whis probably couldn’t beat Satoru Gojo in a physical altercation, but the sage has other strengths that could help him win. For example, Gojo’s infinity technique doesn’t grant him infinite power which means eventually he’ll run out of gas.

Fortunately, Gojo is strong and fast enough to usually end most fights before this happens – even if it does take a little longer than desired at times. Though not infallible, Satoru Gojo is one of the strongest sorcerers around and would likely have difficulty defeating Whis in a straight-up battle without some assistance from his allies or minions…

assuming those allies haven’t turned on him by then. Sooner or later, however, even someone as powerful as Satoru Gojo will reach their limit – hopefully long after Whis has retired undefeated.

Can 15 finger Sukuna beat Gojo?

Contrary to appearances, Sukuna is actually stronger than Gojo at full strength. Although it seems Gojo is stronger than Sukuna on the surface, in reality, they’re almost evenly matched.

If you were to use only 15 fingers against each other, Sukuna would be able to win against Gojo even at that level of strength and skill. It’s important not to underestimate your opponent because sometimes what initially looks like a disadvantage can actually be an advantage if used correctly.

So don’t give up too easily – keep practicing and see how strong you really are. Strength isn’t always just about muscle size or force; it comes from determination as well as practice – so never stop striving for excellence.

Who sealed Sukuna?

Yuji killed all the people who sealed Sukuna, and then he himself died shortly after eating his first finger to unlock the seal. I don’t think Sukuna was actually dead; he just had his fingers cut off and was stored in different places.

The person who ate their first finger needed to unlock the seal so that Yuji could free Sukuna. All of them died concurrently with Sukuna when they were trying to release him, but I don’t believe he really died at all…he only went into seclusion because of how much attention this incident received from the media and public alike.

So there’s no need to worry- even if you’re not directly involved, everything ended up working out in the end thanks to careful planning on behalf of everyone involved

Is Sukuna a good guy?

Sukuna is an evil and sadistic reincarnation of a demon who was killed long ago. He’s selfish, cold-hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic – traits that make him a very bad guy.

When he was reincarnated shortly after Yuji ingested his finger, he commented on the slaughter of women and children – implying that it’s something to be enjoyed or looked forward to. Worse still, in his previous life as a human being he likened women and children to maggots crawling around…signaling just how callous and despicable he really is.

So if you’re looking for someone who isn’t worth your time or energy – don’t bother considering Sukuna.

Can Sukuna beat Madara?

Madara takes the win. If we are talking about alive Madara in his prime then maybe Sukuna has a chance to win. Against Alive Madara it’s a 50/50 considering both a pretty OP.

However, if it’s edo Tensei Madara Sukuna will have to be careful considering it has to be total disintegration to kill Edo Tensei corpses. In terms of power and abilities, there is no clear cut winner between the two characters as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses which makes them unique in their own way.

It all comes down to who can use their skills most effectively during battle so watch out for who emerges victorious. 5 . suspenseful ending awaits us until next episode

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest curse in Jujutsu Kaisen?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to curse casting. However, some believe that Sukuna may be able to cast curses that can injure or even kill those who cross him.

Who defeated Sukuna 1000 years ago?

There is no definitive answer as to who defeated Sukuna 1000 years ago. However, many believe that the modern day ninja known as Danzo or Naruto might be able to take on the mantle of this powerful sorcerer.

Can Sukuna beat Tanjiro?

9 Sukuna would destroy Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer. While he carries a sword and knows elegant and powerful sword skills called Breathing Techniques, Sukuna can cut him down with invisible slices. Furthermore, getting close to Sukuna is a feat in and of itself.

Can Dio beat Sukuna?

Dio would easily beat Sukuna, a none over heaven Dio would have been a much fairer fight.

What is Gojos weakness?

There is no specific weakness that has been learned about Gojos.

Who is stronger Itachi or Gojo?

Itachi is stronger than Gojo. Itachi has more power and stamina, making him an easier opponent to fight against. But as always, it’s important to test who is the strongest before committing yourself to a battle.

Who is stronger Gojo or Naruto?

There is no definite answer, as both Naruto and Gojo are very skilled in hand-to-hand combat. However, it’s safe to say that Naruto would be stronger than Gojo if they ever fought face to face.

To Recap

Sukuna is a newer goji berry supplement that some people believe can beat Gojo. However, the research on this subject is still limited, so it’s best to consult with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet.

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