Can Whitebeard Beat Kaido?

After his death, Whitebeard’s strength was still undiminished. Kaido is impressive, but Whitebeard was simply better in terms of power and status. The split of the Rocks Crew didn’t affect Whitebeard’s power at all – he remained one of the most powerful pirates in history despite his death.

Even though he died, Whitebeard still held a high level of prestige and respect among his peers due to his immense strength and abilities as a captain. His legacy will live on through the continued success of those who follow in his footsteps

Can Whitebeard Beat Kaido?

Can Whitebeard Beat Kaido?

Whitebeard’s strength was unimpaired after his death. Kaido is impressive, but Whitebeard was simply better. The split of the rocks crew didn’t affect white beard’s power.

Kaido isn’t alone in his ability to be strong; even though he died, white beard still held status as one of the most powerful pirates in history

Who wins Whitebeard vs Kaido?

We don’t know yet who will win Whitebeard vs Kaido, but from what we have seen so far, it seems that Whitebeard’s offensive power trumps that of Kaido. He can literally destroy the world if he wishes so.

No matter how strong Kaido turns out to be, I doubt he will have that level of offensive capabilities. On the other hand, Kaido has the clear plus in endurance and one on one combat. This battle is still wide open and we cannot wait to see who comes out on top.

Who knows? The outcome could very well surprise us all. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as this epic showdown unfolds.

Can Kaido beat Blackbeard?

Although Kaido is a powerful Yonko, Blackbeard holds the potential to defeat him in a fight. His powers include the Tremor-Tremor Fruit and Dark-Dark Fruit which give him tremendous strength and power.

Claiming to be the strongest in the world, it’s safe to say that Blackbeard has a good chance of defeating Kaido if they ever came into contact with one another. It’s unknown what happened during the two-year time skip, but it seems as though Blackbeard has improved immensely since then – giving him an edge against Kaido if they ever fought again..

Since their last encounter left both men wounded and bloodied, we can only imagine how intense this rematch would be.

Who can beat Prime Whitebeard?

Gol D. Roger was one of the most powerful pirates in history, and he was only matched by Captain Whitebeard. With the power of the Gura Gura no Mi, Gol D.

Roger was known as one of the strongest men alive. Only Captain Whitebeard could match Gol D. Roger’s strength level, and even he wasn’t immune to his Haki abilities.

Even though he’s long dead, his legend lives on through those who continue to follow in his footsteps – including future generations of pirates. As long as there are people willing to risk everything for adventure, there will always be a place for pirates like Gol D .

Roger in history.

Who defeated Kaido 7 times?

Oden, the God of War and one of the most powerful warriors in history, engaged Kaido in a massive battle at Wano Country’s Udon region 20 years ago. Although he lost the battle, in essence, he defeated Kaido.

Using his swords Ame no Habakiri and Enma, he inflicted a massive wound on Kaido following which he nearly decapitated him. This resulted in Kaido becoming enraged and seeking revenge against Oden for what was considered to be an embarrassing defeat by a mere mortal warrior.

In subsequent battles with other gods or mortals over the next two decades; however, Oden always emerged victorious due to his immense power and skill as a warrior-god hybridized from both Nohrian and Hoshidan bloodlines – something that made even Kaidou tremble in fear before him…and some say still does today.

Even though it is unknown how many times Oden has fought (or will fight) against Kaido since their initial encounter twenty years ago; everyone knows that when they enter The Great Battle Field known only as “The Battlefield Of Life”, there can be only one victor.

Who killed Kaido?

In the One Piece manga and anime, it’s been heavily implied that Roronoa Zoro killed Kaido. However, this would not add up to the show’s overall plot in the long run as he is one of Luffy’s strongest allies.

As such, his death would have no real impact on the story other than providing some dramatic tension leading into later arcs or episodes. It has also been hinted that another character might take on Kaido in future chapters – setting up a potential showdown between these two powerful opponents down the road.

Regardless of who kills Kaido in the manga/anime, fans can rest assured knowing that there are plenty more epic battles and adventure ahead for Luffy and his crew. So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming developments in One Piece – because nothing is ever truly over until it’s finally resolved.

Can mihawk beat Kaido?

No, Mihawk can’t beat Kaido who had insane strength that is enough to destroy half of an island. However, in the movie it was shown that mihawk has very strong fighting skills and he can use his blade very efficiently which could be a possible way to win against Kaido if they fought one on one.

It’s also worth noting that Kaido was born with superhuman abilities so even if Mihawk were to fight him head-on, he might not have a chance at winning. In the end, it all comes down to how well each fighter uses their own strengths and weaknesses in order to come out victorious – something no one knows for sure except for them (or perhaps god).

Whatever happens between these two warriors will be spectacular.

Is Garp stronger than Whitebeard?

BUGGY who sailed with Roger in his final journey and witnessed Prime PK Roger in action stated ONLY one man could match Roger’s strength and that man was Whitebeard not Garp.

However, based on Buggy’s statements it seems like Garp may have been stronger than Whitebeard at some point in their careers. It’s also worth noting that the two captains probably had different strengths during specific battles or moments.

So while Garp may not have been as strong as Whitebeard overall, he may have had a particular ability that made him more powerful in certain situations.” Whatever the case may be, history will never know for sure who was truly the strongest captain of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Luffy beat Whitebeard?

Although Whitebeard is unfortunately dead in contemporary One Piece, it’s still a safe assumption Luffy wouldn’t have been able to beat Whitebeard.

Who gave Kaido his scar?

Kaido was given his scar by Oden.

Can Kaido beat BB?

Dragon – Reason – the world worst criminal, Dragon can beat him though we may not know much about him but he may control the climate, proofs can be seen in loguetown. Kaido is also a Yonko.

How many times did Luffy lose Kaido?

Luffy has been fighting the Emperor of the Sea, Kaido, on the rooftop of Onigashima. He’s had two losses so far–one ending inprison and the other when he was thrown off the floating island in defeat.

Why was Whitebeard so weak?

The lower level Big Mom pirates gave Whitebeard many devil fruit abilities, but most of the commanders were using basic guns, rockets and swords. He expanded so much more on the BM pirates, yet neglected most of the WB pirates.

To Recap

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including the strength and condition of Kaido’s crew, Whitebeard’s own abilities, and the weather. However, if everything goes according to plan then yes, Whitebeard may be able to beat Kaido.

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