Can You Break An Ender Chest?

There are various ways to obtain enders. Breaking open an Ender’s chest does not require a pickaxe if the player has enchanted their pickaxe with a silk touch.

Enders can also be obtained without destroying an Ender Chest. There are other ways to get them, such as finding them in the world or trading for them with other players.

Can You Break An Ender Chest

What happens when you break an Ender chest with a pickaxe?

Breaking an Ender Chest with a pickaxe will result in a drop of Ender Dust. Ender Dust can also be obtained by mining other blocks.

Which blocks can be mined?

You can mine all blocks, though some are rarer than others. If you’re looking to get some of the more rare blocks, you’ll need to find a special Enderman. There are three different types of Endermen that can give you different blocks. Enders are neutral in nature, so they’ll give you blocks from all the different types of blocks. Be careful though, some blocks are only available as Enders.

Neutral Enders

There are certain Enders that are very useful to both players and villagers. Neutral Enders are Enders that do not have any effect on the player.

Special Enders

Players have access to some Special Enders. These Enders have specific effects that are different from the other Enders.

Enchanted Enders

There are certain Enders that are enchanted. These Enders require a specific item to create the enchantment. For example, there are only a few Enders that can be enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment.

Ender Chest

1. Ender Chest Breakdown

Each Ender Chest has a different amount of pickaxe durability.

2. Ender Chest Durability

Enders can be obtained in three ways:

  • Crafting an Ender Chest
  • Selling an Ender Chest
  • Breaking a Broken Ender Chest

In order to break an Ender Chest, it must be opened with a pickaxe. This process is called breaking.

3. Crafting an Ender Chest

Crafting an Ender Chest is as simple as pressing F5, but it has a variety of benefits. One of the most important benefits is that the pickaxe can be enchanted with Silk Touch. This enchantment will allow the player to break any block without using any of the durability of the pickaxe. This will allow players to obtain enders in a variety of ways, such as breaking an Ender Chest or mining Enders from other blocks or the world.

4. Selling an Ender Chest

Selling an Ender Chest is much simpler than crafting one. Players can simply click the “Sell” button in the store. There are no special requirements to be a seller.

5. Breaking a Broken Ender Chest

If a player opens an Ender Chest, but it is already broken they may still be able to break it. However, this process is very complicated and requires a specific tool. Players must use a tool called a Breaking Pickaxe for this process.

The following steps outline the process.

  1. Open an Ender Chest.
  2. Click the “Broken” button in the top left corner.
  3. Click “Skip” if you do not want to try to break the Ender Chest.
  4. Click “Break” if you want to break it.
  5. Wait for the Ender Chest to break.
  6. The Ender Chest will break and the player will have a drop of Ender Dust.
  7. Players can now use their pickaxe to break and mine Enders from the block.
  8. Players can also sell their Enders as they normally would.

Can You double Ender’s chest?

You cannot double Ender’s chest. Breaking it with a silk touch pickaxe will drop 8 obsidian, which you will need to make another eye of Ender.

Double Ender’s chests are not possible in Minecraft, and will only ever result in breaking the chest open. You can’t pick them up or break them with any other means – only a Silk Touch Pickaxe will work. If you do happen to find an already-broken ender chest, don’t despair.

The non-silk touch pickaxe will still drop 8 obsidian when used on it. To make another ender chest, you’ll need an Eye of Ender which is found as an item rather than being dropped like the contents of an ordinary Enderman Chest would be.

Be careful not to accidentally destroy your new Enderman Chest while attempting this process – Obsidian is essential for crafting tools and armor so don’t waste it.

Why can’t I see the particles of Ender’s chest?

Ender chest’s particles exist in a 1-block radius around the chest, but cannot be seen.

Why do I need a silk touch pickaxe to pick up Ender’s chest?

You can pick up an Ender chest with any pickaxe, but it is not possible if you use an iron or diamond pickaxe.

The reason for this is that the Ender’s chest is made entirely of Obsidian (from a broken ender chest), so an iron or diamond pickaxe would be unable to penetrate it.

However, a silk touch pickaxe will penetrate Obsidian, so it can be used to pick up Ender’s chests.

Why can’t I break an ender chest with a pickaxe?

To destroy an ender chest, you will need to use a silk touch pickaxe. The reason for this is that the ender chest is made of obsidian.

However, it is not possible to break an ender chest with an iron or diamond pickaxe, because they will not break obsidian.

You can break it with a diamond pickaxe, but it will only break the chest, not destroy it. You cannot break an ender chest with an iron pickaxe, as it will not penetrate the chest.

Why do I need an eye of the ender to make another ender chest?

The eye of the ender is an item that is mined from a broken ender chest. To make another ender chest, you will need to pick up the eye of the ender from the ground. In order to do this, you will need to use a silk touch pickaxe on it.

This will break it, and also allow you to pick it up. It is then possible to smash it with a pickaxe or to break it with a diamond pickaxe (or any other pickaxe that will break obsidian).

Ender Pearls and Eyes of Ender

Why do I need an ender chest to make other ender chests?

You need to make 8 of these ender chests to make a full set of lungs, and to make one of these ender chests for each of your endermen.

How do I get an eye on ender?

You get an eye of ender by breaking an ender’s chest in Survival Mode. You will need to use a silk touch pickaxe on the chest and then break it.

When you do this, you will get an eye for ender. If you try to break the chest with an iron or diamond pickaxe, it will not work.

How do I make the silk touch pickaxe?

You make the silk touch pickaxe by breaking a silk touch pickaxe. In order to do this, you will need to use a steel pickaxe on it. You can make a silk touch pickaxe by breaking a silk touch pickaxe.

To Recap

There are a variety of blocks that can be mined in the game. Some are neutral, while others are special or enchanted. You’ll need to decide which blocks are most important to you in order to optimize your mining experience.

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