Can You Move Spawners With Pistons?

Players often wonder if they can move monster spawners using pistons in Minecraft. Some believe that they can push spawners using regular pistons, while others think sticky pistons can pull them.

However, before you try to move a spawner using pistons, it’s essential to know whether it’s possible or not.

Can You Move Spawners With Pistons

Using Pistons With Monster Spawners

Pistons are a widely used redstone component in Minecraft that can be used to push or pull blocks, items, and players. They are often used in combination with other components to create complex mechanisms and contraptions in the game.

When it comes to monster spawners, however, pistons are not as useful as they are with other blocks. Monster spawners are unique blocks in Minecraft that spawn hostile mobs.

They cannot be broken with bare hands or regular tools but can be destroyed with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch. Monster spawners are also immune to explosions, making them a secure way to farm mobs.

One inherent limitation of pistons with monster spawners is that monster spawners cannot be pushed by pistons. They also cannot be pulled by sticky pistons. This means that players cannot use pistons to move a monster spawner from one location to another.

Pistons have two different forms: normal pistons and sticky pistons. A normal piston can push a block one space forward in the direction the piston is facing.

When the piston is powered by redstone, it extends its arm and pushes the block. The extended arm then retracts, pulling the block back toward the piston.

Sticky pistons, on the other hand, can push and pull blocks. They work in the same way as normal pistons, except that they leave a slime block behind when they pull back their extended arm.

The slime block is a special block in Minecraft that can bounce other entities, including players, items, and some movable blocks.

Although sticky pistons can pull other blocks, they cannot pull monster spawners. This is another one of the limitations of pistons with monster spawners.

In summary, although pistons can be very useful components in a Minecraft world, their use is limited when it comes to monster spawners.

They cannot be moved by pistons, and they cannot be pulled by sticky pistons. These limitations make monster spawners more cumbersome to move or use in contraptions or mechanisms.

Sticky Pistons and Monster Spawners

Sticky pistons are a type of piston found in Minecraft that can be used to push or pull blocks in a directional manner. They are known for their ability to hold onto blocks that they push or pull, allowing players to create complex redstone machines and traps.

In this article, we will be discussing the basics of sticky pistons, how they work with monster spawners, and the limitations of using sticky pistons with monster spawners.

Sticky Piston Basics:

A sticky piston is a block that can push or pull other blocks in a specific direction. One unique feature of sticky pistons is their ability to hold onto the block they push or pull, even after the redstone signal has been turned off.

To activate a sticky piston, players must provide it with a redstone signal, which will cause it to extend or retract its piston arm. This makes sticky pistons an essential tool for creating many types of redstone machines and traps.

How Sticky Pistons Work With Monster Spawners

Monster spawners are blocks that can generate mobs in a specific location. They are often used in farms or traps to collect mob drops. Unfortunately, monster spawners cannot be pushed by pistons, making them difficult to move or manipulate.

However, sticky pistons can be used to move blocks around monster spawners, effectively changing the location of where the mobs will spawn.

Limitations of Sticky Pistons With Monster Spawners:

While sticky pistons can be used to move blocks around monster spawners, there are some limitations to consider. Firstly, monster spawners cannot be pushed or pulled directly by sticky pistons. This means that players must move blocks around the spawner in order to change its location.

Additionally, monster spawners have a unique property that prevents them from being mined or destroyed by regular tools. This means that players must use a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment to move monster spawners without destroying them.

In summary, sticky pistons are a powerful tool in Minecraft that can be used to move blocks and manipulate mob spawning. While they cannot push or pull monster spawners directly, they can be used to move blocks around the spawner to change its location.

However, players must use caution when moving monster spawners, as they require a pickaxe with Silk Touch to move without being destroyed.

Alternative Ways to Move Monster Spawners

As an AI language model, my responses are generated based on my training data. In terms of the topic, “Alternative Ways to Move Monster Spawners,” here’s some information for your reference:

Monster spawners are special blocks in Minecraft that spawn mobs intermittently, and they cannot be pushed by pistons or sticky pistons. For this reason, players must use alternative methods to move these blocks.

There are various ways to move monster spawners in Minecraft, which we can classify in three methods: Creative mode options, TNT and explosives, and other tools and techniques.

Creative Mode Options

If you are playing Minecraft in creative mode, there are several possible ways to move monster spawners:

Pick Block

The Pick Block (Default: middle mouse button) function offers an easy way to duplicate monster spawners without breaking them. Simply point your crosshair at the spawner you want to duplicate and use the Pick Block function. You’ll receive a new monster spawner block that retains the properties of the original.


Minecraft commands are another way to move monster spawners. You can use the /setblock command to place a monster spawner block in a different location, or the /fill command to move an entire area of blocks, including the spawner.

Tnt and Explosives

Another way to move a monster spawner is by using explosives such as TNT, which can blow up the block and drop it in the desired location.

However, this method can be dangerous and results in the destruction of the spawner. The player should be cautious not to lose the spawner as it might drop into lava or disappear on impact.

Other Tools and Techniques

Here are some other tools and techniques that a player can use to move monster spawners:

  1. Pistons and Redstone: Although monster spawners cannot be pushed with ordinary pistons, a player can use a piston to push a block that has a spawner on top of it. Activating the piston will cause the block to move, bringing the spawner with it.
  2. Minecarts and Hopper: It is possible to move monster spawners using a Minecart and hopper system. The spawner can be put in a Minecart and transported via rails to the desired location. A hopper underneath the rails would then capture the Minecart and move it along.

There are several alternative ways to move monster spawners in Minecraft, as the game is continually evolving. With a little creativity, players can devise new and exciting ways to discover what works best for their gameplay.

Precautions and Risks

When moving a monster spawner with pistons, there is a risk of damaging it. If a spawner is damaged, it may no longer function and stop spawning monsters altogether. Additionally, if it is damaged beyond repair, it may be lost forever.

To avoid damage, it is important to use caution when pushing or pulling a spawner and to make sure that it is stable and secure before attempting to move it.

Impact on spawner functionality

Moving a monster spawner can have a negative impact on its functionality. Spawners are designed to spawn monsters in a specific location and under certain conditions.

If a spawner is moved too far from its original position or is placed in an unsuitable environment, it may not function properly or may stop spawning monsters altogether.

To avoid this, it is important to test the spawner after it is moved to ensure that it is still working as expected.

Safety precautions

When moving a monster spawner with pistons, it is important to take appropriate safety precautions to protect yourself and your structures.

Make sure that the area around the spawner is clear of any obstructions and that there is enough room for the spawner to move without causing damage.

Wear appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet and armor, and make sure that any nearby players are aware of what you are doing. Additionally, it is important to be aware of the risk of damaging other structures or objects in the area and take steps to mitigate this risk.

Overall, moving a monster spawner with pistons can be a risky and complex process. However, with proper precautions and care, it is possible to move a spawner safely and without causing damage to it or to other structures.

If you are unsure about moving a spawner or if you are concerned about the risks involved, it is always a good idea to consult with other experienced players or to seek out advice from online resources.

Can Silk Touch 2 Pick Up Spawners?

Yes, Silk Touch 2 can pick up monster spawners. Silk Touch 2 is an enchantment on a tool in Minecraft. It allows the player to collect certain objects without destroying them. These objects include ice, glass, and bookshelves.

It also works on monster spawners. Spawners are blocks that generate mobs such as zombies and skeletons. Normally, spawners cannot be picked up without breaking them. But with Silk Touch 2, they can be collected and used elsewhere.

This is useful for building mob farms and other structures. Silk Touch 2 can also pick up rare items like the dragon egg and silverfish stone.

Can You Pick Up a Spawner Without Silk Touch?

Spawner is a block in Minecraft that spawns mobs and creatures within a certain radius.

Importance of Spawners in Minecraft: Spawners are important for players as it provides a consistent source of mobs for farming and experience.

Can Spawners be Obtained Without Silk Touch?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pick up a spawner without a Silk Touch pickaxe, as it will break into dust.

Importance of Silk Touch in Minecraft

Silk Touch is an enchantment in Minecraft that enables players to obtain blocks that cannot be obtained through regular mining.

Ways to Obtain Spawners in Survival Mode

The only way to obtain spawners in survival mode is by finding them in naturally-generated dungeons or through trading with villagers in Minecraft.

Can You Transport a Spawner?

Minecraft spawners cannot be moved without a plugin due to their unique properties.

What is a Spawner in Minecraft?

A spawner is a block in Minecraft that spawns mobs at a certain rate within its range.

Why Can’t Spawners Be Moved?

The properties of spawners prevent them from being moved, even with silk touch, as they will only drop experience.

How to “Move” Spawners

The only way to transport a spawner is through a plugin that allows players to modify and move them.

Importance of Spawners in Minecraft

Spawners are essential for creating mob farms and obtaining rare items such as mob heads, making them a valuable resource in the game.

To Recap

It’s not possible to move monster spawners using pistons in Minecraft. Neither regular nor sticky pistons can push or pull spawners. The game’s mechanics prevent spawners from being moved to avoid players from exploiting them.

So if you’re looking to relocate a spawner, you’ll have to use some other method, such as building around the spawner or using the creative mode to move it.

Remember to always check Minecraft’s wiki or forums for more information on how to deal with game mechanics that might hinder your gameplay.

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