Can You Put Fortune On Shears?

In the world of Minecraft, players often come across various resources that require specific tools to collect them. Honeycombs are one such resource that drops from beehives and needs to be harvested using the right equipment.

However, did you know that you can enchant your shears with a fortune to make the process easier? In this article, we will delve into how to enchant shears with fortune and the benefits of doing so.

Can You Put Fortune On Shears

Shears and Honeycomb

Honeycomb is a valuable resource in Minecraft due to its various uses, such as crafting beehives and honey blocks.

Players can obtain honeycomb by harvesting beehives or nests using shears or a silk touch tool. While both methods are effective, using shears is the better option for collecting honeycomb.

Shears as the Best Tool for Honeycomb Collection

Shears are the best tool for collecting honeycomb as they allow players to harvest the honey without angering the bees, making it a safer and more efficient method.

Additionally, using a silk touch tool will only yield the beehive or nest, while using shears will also provide a honeycomb as a drop.

The Mechanics of Shears and Honeycomb Collection

When using shears to collect honeycomb, players simply right-click on the beehive or nest until the honey level drops to 0, indicating that all the honey has been collected. The honeycomb will then drop onto the ground, allowing players to pick it up and add it to their inventory.

The Advantages of Using Fortune-enchanted Shears

Enchanting shears with a fortune in Minecraft provides several advantages when collecting honeycombs. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Increased Honeycomb Yield: Fortune is an enchantment that increases the amount of resources players receive when collecting them. With fortune-enchanted shears, players have a higher chance of obtaining more honeycomb when harvesting beehives or nests. This means that they will collect more honeycomb with each use of the shears, making the process more efficient.
  2. Time and Resource-saving: Since players can collect more honeycomb with each use of the fortune-enchanted shears, they can save time and resources. They don’t have to spend as much time collecting honeycomb as they would if they were using regular shears or other tools.
  3. Valuable Resource: Honeycomb is a valuable resource in Minecraft. It can be used to make honey blocks, which have several uses, including as a building material, a decorative block, and a Redstone component. Having a higher yield of honeycomb means players can have more of this resource to use in their Minecraft creations.
  4. Improved Efficiency: Using fortune-enchanted shears is an efficient way of collecting honeycomb. Players don’t have to worry about damaging the beehives or nests, as they would with other tools. They also don’t have to spend time searching for new hives or nests since they can get more honeycomb with each use of the shears.
  5. Cost-effective: Fortune-enchanted shears are cost-effective since they can provide players with more honeycomb for less effort. They don’t have to spend as much time or resources collecting honeycomb as they would with other methods.

The Benefits of Fortune-enchanting Shears

Fortune-enchanting shears are a valuable tool for beekeepers to gather large amounts of honeycomb efficiently. By enchanting the shears with fortune, there are several benefits that honey gatherers can experience.

The first benefit of fortune-enchanting shears is that they can provide a higher yield of resources. This is because the enchantment increases the chances of getting multiple pieces of honeycomb per hive.

Normally, using regular shears may only result in a single piece of honeycomb being harvested from one hive. However, with fortune-enchanting shears, there is a higher possibility of getting two or even three pieces of honeycomb from the same hive. This means beekeepers can harvest more honeycomb from fewer hives, saving time and energy.

The second benefit of fortune-enchanting shears is that they make resource collection more efficient. Using regular shears to collect honeycomb can be time-consuming and tedious

This is because beekeepers often have to wait for the bees to calm down before harvesting the honeycomb, which can take a while. With fortune-enchanting shears.

However, the beekeeper can collect more honeycomb in one go, reducing the time it takes to harvest resources. This means that beekeepers can collect more resources in a shorter amount of time, which is especially useful for those who have larger apiaries.

The third benefit of fortune-enchanting shears is that they are best for gathering resources in bulk. Honeycomb is an important ingredient for making various items such as honey blocks, candles, and honey bottles, among others.

To make these items in bulk, you need to gather large amounts of honeycomb. Regular shears can make the process slow and inefficient.

With fortune-enchanting shears, however, beekeepers can quickly collect large amounts of honeycomb, making it easier for them to produce items on a larger scale.

Fortune-enchanting shears are a valuable tool for beekeepers to gather resources efficiently. The benefits of using these shears include higher yields of resources, more efficient resource collection, and the ability to gather resources in bulk.

With these benefits, beekeepers can maximize their resources and create more products, making their beekeeping endeavors more productive and profitable.

How to Get Fortune Enchantment

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the Fortune enchantment in Minecraft:

Gather Resources

To apply the Fortune enchantment to your shears, you will need a few things. You will need an Enchantment Table, bookshelves, lapis lazuli, and experience points.

Craft an Enchantment Table

To craft an Enchantment Table, you will need four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. Arrange the obsidian blocks in a square, leaving two spaces in the middle. Place the diamonds in the two spaces, and then place the book on top of the diamonds.

Place the Enchantment Table

Once you have crafted an Enchantment Table, place it in a safe and well-lit area. Surround the Enchantment Table with bookshelves to increase the level of enchantments you can get.

Fill in the Experience Bar

To use the Enchantment Table, you must have enough experience points to fill the experience bar. You can gain experience points by defeating monsters or mining ores.

Place the Shears on the Enchantment Table

Once you have enough experience points, place your shears on the Enchantment Table. The table will offer you a random enchantment. If you’re lucky, you may get the Fortune enchantment on your first try.

Combine Enchantments Using an Anvil

If you already have a pair of shears with an enchantment, you can use an Anvil to combine it with another pair of shears with the same enchantment.

Place both shears in the Anvil, and the cost of repairing or renaming the item will increase. Once the enchantments are combined, you will have a pair of shears with a higher level of the Fortune enchantment.

Remove Enchantments Using a Grindstone

If you have an enchanted item that you want to remove the enchantment from, you can use a Grindstone. Place the item in the Grindstone, and the enchantment will be removed. However, keep in mind that this will also remove any other enchantments on the item.

Trade with Villagers

Some Villagers in Minecraft offer enchanted shears in exchange for emeralds. You can find these Villagers by exploring villages and interacting with the villagers.

Applying Enchantments to Shears

Collecting honeycomb can be a tedious task without the right tools. However, with the help of enchantments, players can enhance their shears to collect more honeycomb efficiently

This article will discuss the requirements for applying the fortune enchantment to shears, the cost of applying enchantments, and the pros and cons of enchanting shears.

Requirements for Fortune Enchantment

To apply the Fortune enchantment to shears, players would need to have a minimum of level 15 in their enchantment table. They would also need bookshelves surrounding the enchantment table to increase the level of the enchantment.

Players can also obtain enchanted books with the Fortune enchantment through trading with villagers or as a loot drop in chests and dungeons.

Cost of Applying Enchantments

The cost of applying enchantments to shears varies depending on the level of enchantment and the number of bookshelves surrounding the enchantment table. The higher the level of enchantment, the higher the cost in experience points.

The number of bookshelves affects the level of enchantment that can be applied to the shears. As such, players may need to invest in more bookshelves to get the highest level of enchantment.

Pros and Cons of Enchanting Shears

Enchanting shears can provide significant benefits to players who want to collect certain resources more efficiently, but there are also some drawbacks to consider.

Here are some of the pros and cons of enchanting shears


  1. Increased Efficiency: Enchanting shears with the Fortune enchantment allows players to collect more resources with each use, resulting in a higher yield and a more efficient collection process.
  2. Greater Resource Availability: With more resources collected in a shorter period, players can accumulate more of a specific resource and use it for crafting, trading, or other purposes.
  3. Customizability: Enchanting shears offers players the opportunity to customize their tools and make them more effective for specific tasks.


  1. Cost: Applying an enchantment to shears requires experience points, which can be costly, especially for high-level enchantments. Players may need to spend time grinding to accumulate enough experience points to apply the desired enchantment.
  2. Resource Investment: To increase the level of enchantment, players may need to invest resources in building bookshelves, which can be time-consuming and costly.
  3. Limited Usefulness: Not all resources can be collected with shears, so the benefit of enchanting them may not be as significant for certain tasks.

What Enchantments Can Go on Shears?

Shears can be enchanted through anvils and enchanted books. Enchantments that can be applied include Unbreaking, Mending, and Efficiency. Silk Touch cannot be applied to shears. Smite, Sharpness, and Bane of Arthropods are not compatible with shears.

Shears can apply the Fortune enchantment, but it only affects leaves and grass. Efficiency increases the speed at which shears break blocks. Mending allows shears to repair themselves with XP orbs. Unbreaking increases the durability of shears.

The curse of Vanishing cannot be applied to shears. Shears enchanted with Mending and Unbreaking are ideal for the efficient harvesting of plants.

Does Fortune Work on Any Tool?

Enchantment tables are vital components in Minecraft gameplay. Fortune is a coveted enchantment found in the game that offers players a chance to gather more resources from their tools.

Tools That Can Be Enchanted With Fortune

Fortune enchantment can be placed on several tools in Minecraft. These include pickaxes, axes, hoes, and shovels. It’s important to note that the enchantment only affects materials that are mined or gathered using these tools.

How to Add Fortune Enchantment to a Tool

Adding the Fortune enchantment to a tool requires the use of an enchantment table, lapis lazuli, and experience points.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add the Fortune enchantment to a tool

  1. Craft an enchantment table: To craft an enchantment table, players need four obsidian blocks, two diamonds, and one book. The book should be placed in the middle of the crafting grid, surrounded by the obsidian blocks on the bottom row and the diamonds on the top row.
  2. Gather lapis lazuli: Lapis lazuli can be found while mining, and it is used as a currency to apply enchantments at the enchantment table. Players need to gather enough lapis lazuli to pay for the desired enchantment.
  3. Place the tool in the enchantment table: Place the tool that you want to enchant in the slot on the enchantment table.
  4. Select the Fortune enchantment: Scroll through the available enchantments until you find the Fortune enchantment. The level of the enchantment will depend on the player’s experience level and the number of bookshelves nearby.
  5. Apply the enchantment: Click on the Fortune enchantment to apply it to the tool. This will use up some of the player’s experience points and lapis lazuli.
  6. Retrieve the enchanted tool: Once the enchantment is applied, players can retrieve their enchanted tool from the enchantment table.

Effectiveness of Fortune Enchantment

Fortune enhances the game’s mechanics significantly, providing players with more resources from successful tool usage. Tools with Fortune have an increased chance of collecting precious materials such as diamonds, coal, and redstone.

Fortune enchantment is a valuable asset in Minecraft, allowing players to gather valuable materials more efficiently. By utilizing the enchantment table, players can add Fortune to their pickaxes, axes, hoes, and shovels and reap the benefits of increased resources.

Does Looting on Shears Give More Wool?

Looting and Fortune enchantments don’t affect sheared wool yield. Shearing an adult sheep yields 1-3 wool. Unshorn sheep drop 1 wool upon death. The color of wool dropped matches the sheep. Shearing regrows after sheep eat one grass block.

Shearing a baby sheep yields no wool. Shearing an axolotl will transform it into a different variant. Shearing sheep is necessary for farming wool. Dyed wool can be obtained by dyeing white wool. Wool can be used for clothing, carpets, and decorative blocks.

To Recap

Enchanting your shears with fortune can make collecting honeycomb an easier and efficient process. The enchantment not only increases the yield of honeycombs but also reduces the time and effort spent on harvesting.

With this added advantage, players can focus on other aspects of their gameplay while still enjoying the benefits of a bountiful collection of honeycombs. So, go ahead and enchant your shears today and streamline your honey gathering activities in Minecraft.

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