How Many Followers Can You Have In Skyrim?

You can have up to one humanoid follower and one animal follower at a time in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you want to replace someone, you would have to dismiss your current one and ask the other to join.

There are exceptions (see Getting a Party of Five or More, below).

How Many Followers Can You Have In Skyrim

Can you have 3 followers in Skyrim?

You can have one follower in Skyrim at a time. If you want to recruit another person, you need to dismiss the first one first. There are some circumstances when someone needs to join you for something quest-related and they already follow you around.

If your Follower gets killed or leaves the area, they will not be replaced automatically

Can you have more than 1 follower Skyrim?

If you are experiencing a followers glitch, it may be because you aren’t recruiting them properly. Make sure to speak with your follower and give them regular tasks to complete in order for the relationship between you two to grow stronger.

If they are already following you, make sure their character is registered in Skyrim and that they are alive when playing the game. Finally, if your follower isn’t registering or isn’t living when logged into Skyrim, try adding another one manually by selecting “Follower Management” then “Add Follower.”

How long do followers last in Skyrim?

follower home markers are persistent, they can be retrieved by following the marker to its location, and you have control over when they return.

What happens if Lydia dies?

If Lydia dies, her body will turn to ashes and she won’t stay dead for long. If killed, she will become a pile of ashes.

Who is the strongest follower in Skyrim?

If you’re looking for a follower in Skyrim that can do damage with spells and be versatile, Serana is the best choice. She’s also easy to control, so even beginners won’t have trouble following her.

Does serana replace your follower?

When you dismiss Serana, she is not available to follow right away. You must first acquire new follower DLC and then dismiss the old one. Once dismissed, Serana will be unavailable to follow for a period of time.

What happens to Lydia if you get another follower?

If Lydia parted ways with the Dragonborn, she may return there if they spend enough time with her. If Lydia returned to Dragonsreach after parting ways with the Dragonborn, she may gift them a radiant item upon reunion.

Is Lydia a good follower?

If you want to be a good follower, Lydia is the perfect choice. She has excellent heavy armor, one-handed abilities and block capabilities. She can succeed in many activities if her leader is on her side.

However, she needs the right leader to help her do better – someone who is fair and kind to all members of their team. If you are looking for an effective team player, look no further than Lydia.

Is Lydia better than Faendal?

Choose the right curtain for your needs. A sheer curtain will let in light, while a full-length curtain blocks out most light and can be used as a blind or curtains for privacy.

How do I bring Lydia back to life?

If you want to bring Lydia back to life, enter her code “resurrect” and press enter.

Can you marry serana?

You must propose to Serana in order to marry her. After proposing, you will go to the temple of Mara and set up the wedding. You are now married.

Can AELA be killed?

If you want to kill Aela the Huntress, it is necessary to complete her quest first. She cannot be killed by other NPCs or the player, and she is immune to death during a single quest: She cannot be killed while the Totems of Hircine quest is active because of her quest significance.

Once thequest has been completed, she can be killed.

Who should I sacrifice to Boethiah?

Ralis, the most deserving of a grisly, sacrificial death, was found with signs of torture and murder. He has been linked to the cult of Boethiah and his blood can be used to heal wounds or power spells.

Killing him will result in gaining strength and invincibility for 15 minutes.

Can Lydia become a vampire?

If you choose to side with Serana and Harkon during the Dawnguard DLC’s main quest, Lydia may become a vampire. You will need to find Broken Dip Tube which can be found in The Lost Tomb of Skjor.

Once you have acquired this item, return it to Vampirism Ritual Site where Lydia will then join your party as a vampire. To complete the transformation process, mix Shower Mixing Valve with Blood at the ritual site located inside Castle Volkihar.

Can I get another Housecarl if Lydia died?

You May Not Be Able To Get Another Housecarl If Lydia Died, But You Canstill Try.

Can you romance Lydia in Skyrim?

You must speak with Maramel to marry her. Lydia is unavailable to marry at the moment, but you can still romance her in-game by using the Amulet of Mara.

Can you divorce in Skyrim?

You may be able to divorce in Skyrim if the situation calls for it. However, there is a chance that you could get a new marriage partner and the marriage may end on its own accord or through a process of removal and divorce.

If your relationship ends well, congratulations – but remember: if things go sour, don’t hesitate to seek help.

What followers in Skyrim have no level cap?

There are followers in Skyrim without a level cap. J’zargo is one of these followers, but he requires the Dragonborn DLC to be able to follow you. Stat changes for him are based on your current leveled character (not your dragonborn).

If you’re not currently Leveled Up, Your Followers Won’t Change.

Do followers level with you Skyrim?

In Skyrim, followers DO have levels. These levels are adjusted to match your character’s level and the green “level” bar at the bottom of their screen will change as you progress through the game.

You can raise or lower follower’s levels with dialogue or action options, and they’ll react accordingly (although there may be some occasional exceptions). There are also special perks that MAY affect follower leveling.

Should I cure serana of her vampirism?

Curing serana of her vampirism is a relatively easy task, and there are no major drawbacks to doing so. If you choose to do so, she will only be immune to frost attack or make Bloodcursed Elven arrows.

Frostbite may still occur if left untreated though it should heal within a day or two. If she experiences any further problems after being cured, please consult a doctor

Can serana turn into a vampire lord?

You’ll need to finish the Dawnguard questline in order to become a vampire lord through serana. This requires you to complete the tasks necessary for becoming immune to lycanthropy.

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