How To Get Oak’S Letter In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Oak’s Letter is a reward that you can receive after winning the National Pokedex. The letter requires you to have completed the Hall of Fame and have obtained the National Pokédex.

Once you have both items, meet Professor Oak on Route 224 and he’ll give you the letter.

How To Get Oak'S Letter In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond??


How To Get Oak’S Letter In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Do you want to be a Pokémon master? Then it’s time to get your hands on the latest and greatest Pokédex! But how can you do that if you don’t know where Oak is located? Well, there is no need to worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get hold of Oak’s letter and what to do when you finally meet him.

Enter The Hall Of Fame

Do you have a dream of becoming the Pokemon Hall of Fame? If so, there’s one step you can take to make that a reality! Oak’S Letter is an important item in the game and it can be found at certain areas. To get it, start by defeating Team Rocket in battle or by finding them hiding around the levels. Once they’re defeated, take away their letters and add them to your inventory to receive rewards.

Oak’s Letter

The Hall of Fame is a location in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond where players can find various items and rewards. The items and rewards can be found by following the clues that are scattered around the game. These clues usually lead to Oak’s Letter, which will give players a clue about where to find the item or reward.

Poke Balls

Poke Balls are a type of item that can be used to catch Pokemon. They are often found in strategic locations around the game, such as between obstacles or in special areas.


Gyarados is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. It can easily take down even the strongest Trainers with its massive power and size. To get your hands on one of these amazing creatures, you’ll need to collect enough Poke Balls!

Obtain National Pokedex

Do you want to get Oak’s letter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond? There are a few ways to do this. You can go to the library and look for it, or you can ask your friends if they have it. Another way is to talk to Professor Elm. He will give you a key to get the letter if you meet him at the Pokémon center.

  • Go to the National Pokedex and input your player name
  • After inputting your player name, you will be directed to a page with all of the pokemon that are in that game
  • Click on one of the pokemon on this page and it will take you to their profile
  • On the profile, you will see an image of their location in the game
  • If you have Oak’s letter, it will be highlighted

Meet Professor Oak On Route 224

If you have been playing the game of Pokemon for any length of time, you know that Professor Oak is one of the legendary trainers. He has helped many people in their quests to become the best pokemon trainers in the world. If you have received an Oak’s Letter in a recent update, it means that he has accepted your challenge and will be giving you a tour of his lab so you can learn more about how to train your pokemon.

  • Go to Professor Oak’s Lab on Route 224
  • Talk to Professor Oak about the Letter
  • Get the Letter

How To Find The Letter

To find the letter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, you’ll need to start by locating the Gym. Once you’re there, look for a sign that says “Pokémon.” Once you’ve found the Gym, head inside and take a look at the Pokémon section.

In this section, you’ll find all of the Pokémon that have been released in this game so far. If you don’t see the letter that you’re looking for, there are plenty of other ways to find it. Just like any other game, sometimes things get lost in translation when playing Pokemon Diamond.

So if you still can’t find it, ask one of your friends for help or take a walk around town – anything is possible in this game!

How To Get The Letter

Start by looking for aPokémon card with the Oak’s Letter on it. Next, cut out the letter and place it on your Pokémon card. Finally, put the Pikachu or Eevee hair clip onto the Pokédex to complete the look!

How To Use The Letter

If you have gotten Oak’s Letter in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, it is important that you do what he asks. He wants you to use the Letter to get a Prize. The Prize can be anything from a Dragonite to an Espeon. Use the Letter at the right time and place, and you will be rewarded with a Prize!

  •  The process of getting the letter from Oak in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond game is very simple. To do this, you will need to go to his office and talk to him. He will then give you a letter that will say that you have won a prize.
  • Once you receive the letter, you will need to take it to the Breeding Center in order to get your pokemon ready for breeding.

What To Do With The Letter

If you want to get the letter “O” in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, it can be done by using a special move called Thunder Wave. To get the letter “I,” use a move called Superpower.

If you want to get the letter “C,” use a move called Fly. The other letters in the game are “A” through “Y.” To find out what moves each pokemon has, go online and look up their battle statistics.

To Recap

Oak’S Letter In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is not available to be caught.

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