How to Pick up Dragon Egg Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game that provides players with endless opportunities to explore, create, and survive in a virtual world. One of the most exciting challenges in Minecraft is defeating the Ender Dragon, the game’s final boss.

Upon defeating the dragon, players are rewarded with a valuable prize – the dragon egg. The dragon egg is a unique item that is coveted by many players for its rarity and the symbolism of their achievements.

However, picking up the dragon egg can be tricky, as it teleports if you punch it directly. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to pick up the dragon egg in Minecraft and explore its uses in the game.

So, if you’re up for the challenge of defeating the Ender Dragon and want to obtain the dragon egg, read on!

How to Pick up Dragon Egg Minecraft

Defeating the Ender Dragon

Preparing for the Ender Dragon battle is crucial to obtaining the dragon egg in Minecraft. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the battle:

Preparing for the Ender Dragon Battle

  1. Gear up: Make sure to bring the best armor and weapons you have to the End. Diamond armor and a sword are recommended.
  2. Stock up: Bring plenty of food, arrows, and blocks to build with.
  3. Enchant: Enchant your gear to get the most out of it.
  4. Plan your attack: Take note of the dragon’s behavior and plan your attack accordingly.

Destroying the End Crystals on the Towers

  1. Locate the towers: The end crystals are located on top of obsidian towers that are scattered around the End.
  2. Climb the towers: Build a staircase or pillar to climb up to the tower.
  3. Destroy the crystal: Once you are on top of the tower, destroy the end crystal using your weapon or arrows.

Locating the Dragon Egg on the Bedrock Structure

  1. Locate the bedrock structure: The dragon egg is located on a bedrock structure in the center of the End Island.
  2. Look for the egg: The egg will be located on top of the bedrock structure.
  3. Be cautious: Be careful not to fall into the void while locating the egg.

By following these tips, you should be well prepared to defeat the Ender Dragon and obtain the dragon egg.

How to Pick Up the Dragon Egg

Hitting the Dragon Egg

  1. After defeating the Ender Dragon, locate the bedrock structure in the center of the End island.
  2. On top of the structure, you’ll find the dragon egg, which is sitting on a pillar made of end stone.
  3. Hit the egg with your fist, sword, or any other tool to make it drop.

Digging Around the Dragon Egg

  1. Dig a 3×3 block area around the egg to prevent it from falling into the void.
  2. Make sure to place torches or other light sources to prevent Endermen from spawning and stealing the egg.

Breaking the Bottom Block of the Pillar the Egg is Sitting on

  1. Identify the block directly beneath the dragon egg.
  2. Break the block with a pickaxe, leaving only the torch underneath it to hold up the egg.

Placing a Torch Under the Block the Egg is on

  1. Place a torch under the block that the egg is sitting on.
  2. The egg will now be floating on the torch.

Breaking the Rest of the Pillar and Watching the Egg Fall Onto the Torch

  1. Break the remaining blocks of the pillar with a pickaxe, starting from the top.
  2. The egg will fall onto the torch, and you can now collect it.

Remember, the dragon egg is a rare and valuable item in Minecraft, so be careful when handling it. You can use it as a trophy or a decorative item, or use it to revive the Ender Dragon.

Alternative Ways to Pick Up the Dragon Egg

While the torch-breaking technique is the most commonly used method for picking up the dragon egg, there are a few alternative ways to obtain it. These methods may require different materials and preparations, but they can be just as effective if done correctly.

Using a Piston to Push the Egg Onto a Platform

This method involves using a piston to push the egg off the bedrock structure and onto a platform that you have built below. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Build a platform below the bedrock structure where the dragon egg is located.
  2. Place a piston facing the egg on a block next to it.
  3. Power the piston with Redstone, causing it to push the egg onto the platform below.
  4. Make sure that the egg falls onto something that will instantly break it, such as a torch.
  5. Collect the dragon egg as an item from the platform.

Punching the Egg and Finding It

While punching the egg is not recommended due to its tendency to teleport away, it is still possible to retrieve it using this method. Here’s how:

  1. Punch the dragon egg to make it teleport to a random spot in the end.
  2. Use an ender pearl to teleport to the spot where the egg has teleported to.
  3. Use the torch breaking technique described in section III to obtain the egg.

While this method can be more difficult and time-consuming than the others, it is still a viable option if you have no other means of obtaining the egg.

Overall, the torch breaking technique is the most straightforward and reliable method for picking up the dragon egg in Minecraft.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous or don’t have access to the necessary materials, the alternative methods described here can be just as effective if executed correctly.


Can the Dragon Egg be destroyed?

No, the Dragon Egg cannot be destroyed by any means, except for by using a piston to push it onto an Obsidian platform.

Can I pick up the Dragon Egg with my hand?

No, you cannot pick up the Dragon Egg with your hand. You must use a tool, such as a pickaxe, to break the block underneath the egg.

What happens if I break the Dragon Egg without using a torch?

If the Dragon Egg is broken without the use of a torch, it will simply disappear, and you will not be able to retrieve it.

Can the Dragon Egg be used for anything besides a trophy or building material?

Yes, if you place the Dragon Egg on top of the portal in the End, it will revive the Ender Dragon, allowing you to fight it again.

Can I pick up the Dragon Egg in Creative Mode?

Yes, you can simply break the block underneath the egg in Creative Mode to obtain it.

To Recap

Picking up the dragon egg in Minecraft is a challenging task, but with the right preparation and technique, it is definitely achievable.

Whether you choose to use the torch-breaking method or the piston method, it is important to be careful not to accidentally place the egg again or to punch it, which will cause it to teleport away.

Ultimately, the dragon egg serves as a unique trophy for players who have successfully defeated the Ender Dragon, and it can also be used as a valuable building material or to revive the dragon.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in your Minecraft adventures and that you can now proudly display your dragon egg as a symbol of your achievements.

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