How To Switch Worlds On A Minecraft Server?

If you want to switch worlds, you can log in to your server’s Multicraft panel and stop it. Then navigate to the World section of the Multicraft panel and change the world section to the name of a previous world that you’d like to switch to.

Press SAVE below the server information, restart your server, and enjoy your new world.

How To Switch Worlds On A Minecraft Server

How do you go to other worlds in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can travel to different worlds by crafting a portal. Items needed for this include an Activator and the necessary blocks. Once these are in place, simply Walk Through The Portal to your desired world.

Can I have multiple worlds on a Minecraft server?

To create multiple worlds on a Minecraft server, you will need the Multiverse-Core mod. Once it is installed, open the minecraft launcher and click “options.” In the options menu, click “Multiworlds.” Enable Multiworlds by checking the box next to it.

To choose which worlds to host on your server, select them from the list in Multiworlds. To add a world to your game list, copy its IP address or name into the search bar at the bottom of Multiworlds and press enter. Start playing.

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