How To Turn On Cheats In Aternos?

Enabling cheats in Aternos is a powerful tool that can enhance your Minecraft gameplay experience. Whether you want to spawn in items, change the time of day, or fly, cheats can make your game much more fun and enjoyable.

If you’re not sure how to turn on cheats in Aternos, don’t worry. In this tutorial, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Turn On Cheats In Aternos

Accessing the Ops Page

Aternos is a free Minecraft server hosting provider that allows players to create and manage their own Minecraft servers easily.

One of the features that players can use on Aternos is the ability to add operators or OPs to their servers. In this guide, we will explain how to add an operator on Aternos by navigating to the players’ page.

Adding an Op on Aternos

Follow these simple steps to add an OP on Aternos:

  1. Open the Aternos website
  2. To begin with, add an operator or OP to your Aternos server, and open the Aternos website ( in your web browser.
  3. Login to your account
  4. Next, log in to your existing Aternos account using the username and password that you have already created.

Access the Players Page

Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you should now click on the Players option on the sidebar. This will take you to the page where you can manage different players’ information and settings.

Navigate to the Ops Page

On the Players page, you will see a list of all players who have joined or have been invited to your Aternos server. To add an operator, you should click on the OPs tab that is located at the top of the page.

Add an Op

On the OPs page, you can add an operator by entering your in-game name in the “In-Game Name” field and clicking on the “Add” button. After adding yourself as an operator, you can now use administrative commands and features to manage your server.

Adding operators or OPs on Aternos is a straightforward process that anyone can do in a few easy steps. By following the above steps, you can easily add yourself or other players to your Minecraft server as operators and enable them to manage your server with administrative privileges.

Adding Your in-game Name

Adding your in-game name on Aternos is a straightforward process that only requires users to navigate through a few steps.

Navigating to the Ops Page

To begin, navigate to the Players page on Aternos, where you can find various options such as the OPs page, Whitelist page, Banlist page, and more.

Look for and click on the OPs page ( The OPs page allows you to add new operators to your server.

Entering Your in-game Name

Next, enter your in-game name into the text field provided. Make sure that the name is spelled correctly and capitalized properly as it appears in-game. Check that you are not adding your Minecraft username, which is different from the in-game name used on the server.

Clicking on “Add”

Once you have entered your in-game name, click on the “Add” button. This will add your in-game name to the OPs list on the server.

By doing this, you gain access to various permissions necessary to control the server, such as the ability to spawn items, kick and ban players, and more.

Adding your in-game name on Aternos is a crucial step in gaining control over your server. It is a simple and quick process that can be completed in three steps: navigating to the OPs page, entering your in-game name, and clicking on “Add.” Ensure that you follow these steps correctly to gain the necessary permissions to manage your server efficiently.

Refreshing Your Server

Aternos is a popular hosting service used by many players to host their Minecraft servers. One of the key features of Minecraft servers is the use of cheats or console commands.

However, these cheats need to be enabled on the server before players can use them. We will explore the importance of refreshing your server and how to enable cheats on Aternos.

The Importance of Refreshing Your Server

Refreshing your server is an essential step to ensure that any changes you make to your server settings are applied. For example, if you want to enable cheats, you need to refresh your server to make sure that the changes take effect.

Failing to refresh your server may result in players not being able to use cheats or console commands, even if you have enabled them.

Refreshing Your Server to Enable Cheats

To enable cheats on Aternos, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Aternos account and navigate to your server dashboard.
  2. Click on the “Settings” button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the “Game” section and click on “Enable Cheats.”
  4. Click the “Save” button to apply the changes.
  5. Finally, refresh your server by clicking on the refresh button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Checking if Cheats Are Enabled

After refreshing your server, you should check if cheats are enabled. To do this, you need to log in to your server and type “/game mode creative” in the chat window.

If the command works, then cheats are enabled on your server. If it does not work, then you need to go back to your server settings and check if you have enabled cheats correctly.

Refreshing your server is an important step that ensures that any changes you make to your server settings are applied. Enabling cheats on Aternos is a simple process that requires you to refresh your server after making the necessary changes.

Checking if cheats are enabled is also important to ensure that players can use console commands without any issues.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Minecraft server is running smoothly and your players can enjoy all the benefits that cheat and console commands offer.

Using Cheats in Your Server

A Minecraft server can be a game-changer, especially when you can master cheats to enhance your gameplay experience. We explain the different types of cheats available and how to use cheats to enhance your gameplay experience while respecting the rules and other players’ rights.

Understanding the Different Types of Cheats

There are several types of cheats you can use in Minecraft servers, but these cheats are not always compatible with every server.

However, here are some commonly available types of cheats you could use:

  1. Creative/ Survival mode: As the name suggests, the creative mode allows you to craft any materials without collecting them. While survival mode incorporates more gameplay into acquiring materials and building structure.
  2. Commands: Commands are the most commonly used cheats to enhance gameplay. With commands like teleportation or summoning, you can quickly get around and create fun gameplay and experience.
  3. Mods: A modification of the game’s code can allow changes in the gameplay like adding new features, items, entities, or gameplay mechanics.

Using Cheats to Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Cheats can enhance your gameplay experience in several ways; here are some common use cases:

  1. Building: Creative mode allows you to spawn and manipulate any building materials and build structures faster than in survival mode, while commands like world edit give you smarter and faster tools to build massive structures.
  2. Group playing: Cheats like teleportation and spawning items give you the power to create events or games to play with other players on the server.
  3. Experimentation: Testing different game mechanics or features or exploring the game’s limits could be locked, but cheats can give creative freedom and encourage experimentation.

Respecting the Rules and Other Players

Using cheats is great, but doing so should not jeopardize the experience of other players on the server or even break the server rules. Here are the things to consider:

  1. Server rules: Each server has its own set of rules to ensure fair gameplay and enjoyable user experience. Make sure to understand the rules before using cheats or settling in a server.
  2. Other players: What you do in the game has consequences for other players, so using cheats that would affect their gameplay, or cheating to win games or events, could ruin their experience.

Using cheats can enhance your gameplay experience in many ways, but it is important to respect the rules and ensure that your gameplay does not affect others negatively.

By doing that, you will enjoy the game to its fullest while making the experience enjoyable for yourself and other players.

How Do I Enable Cheats in Java?

Accessing Lan Settings in Minecraft Java Edition

Pause the game and click on the “Open to LAN” button – Choose the appropriate options like game mode and allow cheats

Enabling Cheats for a Single Player World

Open the world saved in Minecraft Java Edition – Press ‘T’ (for chat window) and type /game mode creative to enter creative mode

Enabling Cheats for a Multiplayer World

Ask the administrator to enable cheats in the Minecraft Java Edition server – Admin can add ‘cheats=true’ in the file to enable cheats

Cheats Available in Minecraft Java Edition

Cheats like teleportation, item spawning, and player health management are available in cheats mode – It’s advisable to use cheats responsibly and only if necessary to avoid destroying the gameplay experience

Disabling Cheats in Minecraft Java Edition

If you have enabled cheats in a world, you can disable them by turning off LAN or resetting the world – Cheats can also be disabled by typing /gamemode survival in the chat window to exit cheats mode

Overall, enabling cheats in Minecraft Java Edition can give players more control to experiment and explore the game’s features. However, it’s important to use them judiciously and not spoil the overall gameplay experience.

How Do I Get Creative Mode on My Aternos Server?

Log in to your Aternos account and go to your server dashboard. Click on the “Console” tab and wait for the console to load. Type “/gamemode creative” in the console and press enter. Wait for the console to execute the command and switch your gamemode to creative.

You can also change the gamemode of a specific player using the command “/gamemode creative [player name]”. Make sure that you have the correct permission to access the /gamemode command. If you do not have permission, ask the server owner or administrator to give you the necessary permission.

Creative mode allows you to have unlimited resources and build freely without any limitations. You can also switch back to survival mode using the command “/gamemode survival”. Adventure and spectator modes are also available and can be accessed using the /gamemode command.

Can Players See Commands in Aternos?

Players may use various commands to control the game environment without any limitations. However, not all players may know whether their commands are visible to other players.

  1. Visibility of Commands Generally, players’ commands are invisible to other players in Aternos. Only other OP players can see the commands in the chat box.
  2. Command Feedback Gamerule Players have the option to turn off the command feedback gamerule to prevent other OP players from seeing their commands. This gamerule can be set to false in the server settings.
  3. Benefits of Hidden Commands Keeping commands hidden from other players can provide an added layer of privacy and security. It ensures that other players cannot abuse the commands or interfere with their use.
  4. Limitations of Hidden Commands While hidden commands may provide security, they may also limit collaboration and communication between players. Not being able to see commands may hinder teamwork and progress in the game.

Aternos allows players to use several commands that are generally invisible to other players, except for other OP players.

Additionally, players can choose to turn off the command feedback gamerule for added privacy and security. However, hidden commands may also hinder collaboration between players.

To Recap

Enabling cheats on Aternos is a simple process that can greatly enhance your Minecraft gameplay experience. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be able to easily enable cheats and start exploring all the powerful tools they offer.

Whether you’re trying to build a massive fortress, explore intricate cave systems, or just have some fun with friends, cheats can help you achieve your goals and create a truly epic Minecraft experience.

So why wait? Follow these steps and start exploring all the amazing cheat options available on Aternos today.

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