Best Intellivision Games

Intellivision was a console system released in 1978 by Mattel that featured innovative gameplay and graphics. The system boasted more than 150 games, including classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Intellivision continued to be popular into the 1990s, spawning numerous sequels and spinoffs.
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Best Intellivision Games

If you’re a fan of classic console gaming, there’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate the Intellivision. This system was one of the first dedicated video game consoles and offered some amazing titles such as Asteroids and Centipede. If you’re looking to experience these classics again, or try out new games for the first time, check out our selection of Intellivision games.

1. Super Trucks Racing / Game

Super Trucks Racing / Game

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Super Trucks Racing is a game that allows you to enjoy racing and driving experiences in several modes. You can choose from single race, championship, skid-pan, last one standing, and two-player modes.

The graphics are very realistic and the gameplay is exciting. Plus, it features rich sound effects that will immerse you into the experience even further. There are also various cheat options available if needed so that you can win without actually trying hard.

It has an ESRB rating of Everyone which means it is safe for all ages to play irrespective of their level of gaming expertise or experience with similar games before this one. This game was designed specifically for mobile devices and offers a great playing experience on small screens as well as big ones – perfect for those times when you don’t have enough space to dedicate to a full-fledged console game installation or when traveling isn’t an option (for example).

Overall Super Trucks Racing provides hours upon hours of entertainment whether alone or with friends online or offline multiplayer mode included.


  • Enjoy a number of modes
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Genre: Racing/Driving
  • Mission: Enjoy a number of modes


  • The graphics are terrible and the game play is very frustrating.

What the Product is Best For:

The Super Trucks Racing / Game is an amazing game that lets you enjoy a number of modes including: single race, championship, skid-pan, last one standing, and two-player modes. You can even join in on the fun with your friends to see who can become the ultimate champion.

2. Lock ‘N’ Chase (Intellivision)

Lock 'N' Chase (Intellivision)

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Lock ‘N’ Chase is a fast-paced game where players control five thieves trying to rob the bank vault. The catch? If they are caught by the police, it’s all over.

It is easy to learn and get into as each player has only five thieves at their disposal. As players move around the board, they must avoid getting caught by cops or stealing valuable items like gold bars and jewels.

Strategy plays an important role in this game since it determines which thief(s) gets to rob the bank first and which ones can pick up bonus points for traps that are set between two doors. Players also have access to slamming doors in order to confuse or distract law enforcement while they try to make their escape.

This highly addicting game comes with a storage case so you can take it along wherever you go – perfect for family fun nights out or when friends come over for some friendly competition. With its simple rules, quick play time, and portable design, Lock ‘N’ Chase is perfect for anyone who wants some lighthearted excitement on a rainy day (or any day.).


  • Five thieves
  • Run into a cop and he’s “caught.” Keep picking up the gold. Get extra points for getting to the “treasures.” Slam doors and get cops off the trail. Trap police between two doors for bonus points.
  • One thief robs the bank vault at a time


  • The game is extremely poor quality, with blurry and pixelated graphics that make it difficult to see what’s going on. Additionally, the controls are very clunky and hard to use.
  • Poor Quality: Blurry Graphics, Difficult To See What’s Going On, Hard To Control

What the Product is Best For:

The Lock ‘N’ Chase Intellivision game is a classic that everyone can enjoy. It’s easy to learn, but hard to master. The thieves race against the clock to rob the bank and get away with as much gold as possible before the police catch them. Be careful not to get caught yourself.

3. Bowling (Intellivision)

Bowling (Intellivision)

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Bowling (Intellivision) is a classic party game that can be enjoyed by 1 to 4 people. With ten different conditions of slickness, you’ll have plenty of options for your ball weight and aim.

Plus, the computer does all the scorekeeping – with an amazing fanfare. The controllers come with 2 overlays so everyone can get in on the fun. You don’t even need pins to play this game – it’s perfect for parties or family gatherings.

It’s also great practice for those who want to learn how to curve balls and deliver them accurately into strikes – without worry about damaging their lanes. This cartridge comes complete with 10 setups, allowing you to hone your skills over time before taking on a tougher challenge or competing against others online (via LAN).

So put down that controller and step up into bowling competition mode today.


  • Different game on same cartridge
  • Includes 2 controller overlays
  • Slow motion view


  • Products are cheaply made, often flimsy and do not last long.

What the Product is Best For:

The Bowling (Intellivision) game includes two controller overlays that allow you to play with up to four players at once. This classic arcade game is a great way to enjoy some friendly competition or just have some fun with friends.

4. Intellivision Space Hawk

Intellivision Space Hawk

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Intellivision Space Hawk is an Action game that was developed and published by Mattel in 19The game might be a great addition to your playable collection.

It includes a game manual and 2 controller overlays. This title has been professionally cleaned and resurfaced to insure it functions properly. Additionally, bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed.

All of our cartridges and game discs have all been professionally cleaned and resurfaced to insure they function properly


  • Includes game manual and 2 controller overlays
  • This game might be a great addition to the playable portion of your game collection. Please note: this item is not complete or might show heavy wear from use. It might be missing jewel case, instruction manual or both. Bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed. All of our cartridges and game discs have all been professionally cleaned and resurfaced to insure they function properly


  • -The joystick is incredibly difficult to use and makes the game far too frustrating
  • -The graphics are outdated and look terrible
  • -There’s no way to save your progress, so you must start from scratch every time
  • Poor:
  • Difficult joystick control; Graphics outdated; No way to save progress

What the Product is Best For:

The Intellivision Space Hawk game might be a great addition to your collection, but it is not complete or without some wear. Bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed so please note that this item is not complete and does show heavy wear from use. It has been professionally cleaned and resurfaced to insure proper function.

5. Atlantis – Intellivision

Atlantis - Intellivision

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The Atlantis – Intellivision is a reproduction of the classic Mattel Intellivision console that was released in 19It offers an authentic experience for all those who want to play games on their vintage console.

You can use it both as a standalone unit and with other accessories to enhance your gaming experience even further. This product comes with original AC power supply, AV input cable, instruction booklet, and warranty card from MINT condition.

Its design closely matches that of the official release model including its iconic blue LED backlight and controls (buttons). It also features comfortable handgrips and a detachable game controller/display assembly so you can easily swap them out if desired or when playing different games simultaneously without having to re-install everything again.


  • Mattel Intellivision compatible
  • 2.1 Joules of impact energy
  • reduces vibration
  • Lightweight design


  • 1. The joystick is terrible and makes it very difficult to play
  • 2. The buttons are very hard to push
  • 3. It’s not as powerful as other units on the market

What the Product is Best For:

The Atlantis – Intellivision is the perfect addition to any Mattel Intellivision collection. This game console features authentic colors and graphics, making it a great way for you to relive your favorite memories from your childhood.

6. Space Battle (Intellivision)

Space Battle (Intellivision)

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For gamers of all ages, there is no better way to immerse yourself in outer space action and science fiction thrills than through Space Battle (Intellivision).

This arcade-style game provides two views from which you can work with – the Mother Ship radar map and astro fighter cockpit close-up. You must strategize and take action in order to defeat the alien invaders.

Test your marksmanship as you aim missiles at them and fire them back. Plot your course, maneuver to engage attackers then test your skills against the computer opponent. Win the battle by defeating all enemies on screen before they reach Earth.

With a high score table, multiple difficulty levels, unlockable content including new ships and weapons, this one-of-a kind gaming experience will have you coming back for more over time. So pick up your controllers or joystick today; enter into Outer Space Battle.


  • Outer-space action
  • Computer-controlled alien invaders attacking.
  • You check the Mother Ship radar map, deploy the defense. Ready… aim… fire missiles.
  • Plot your strategy, maneuver to engage attackers. Test your interplanetary marksmanship
  • Enjoy two views to work with – Mother Ship radar map and astro fighter cockpit close-up


  • 1. The game is extremely poorly made, with several inconsistencies and glitches that make it difficult to play.
  • 2. It’s also very expensive for what you get – there isn’t much content in the game, and the items you do receive are often of poor quality.

What the Product is Best For:

The Space Battle Intellivision game is an outer-space action and science fiction thrill that will have you checking the Mother Ship radar map, deploying the defense. Ready… aim… fire missiles. Win the battle and save the day. Plot your strategy, maneuver to engage attackers. Test your interplanetary marksmanship. Enjoy two views to work with – Mother Ship radar map and astro fighter cockpit close-up.

7. Sea Battle (Intellivision)

Sea Battle (Intellivision)

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Sea Battle is a classic, naval battle game for the Intellivision console that pits you in direct combat against your opponent on the high seas. You control fleets of ships and attack enemy vessels with guns or ramming attacks – it’s up to you to emerge victorious.

The strategic element comes into play as you deploy mines and use diversion tactics to hamper your opponent’s efforts while trying to capture their home base. It all culminates in an epic battle where victory or defeat depends on your skills and strategy. As one of the few games released for this system, Sea Battle offers a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else – it’s truly “battle action on the high seas.” Compatible with both 2 player split-screen mode and 4 player competitive multiplayer mode, there’s plenty of opportunity for hours of entertainment with friends or fellow gamers online (or locally).

With original music by famed video game composer Ken Wenders, thrilling sound effects, smooth graphics and well-done animation make Sea Battle an enjoyable experience from start to finish – perfect for any fan of classic board games like chess or checkers who wants something new to enjoy. For Ages: 10+


  • Sea combat
  • Battle action
  • Capture opponent’s home base


  • There are no good reviews for this product.

What the Product is Best For:

The Sea Battle (Intellivision) is a classic game that pits two fleets against each other in high seas battle. It’s an exciting strategy game where you must deploy your ships and use diversion tactics to win the war.

8. PGA Golf (Intellivision)

PGA Golf (Intellivision)

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With PGA Golf (Intellivision), you can experience all the excitement and stimulation of a real game of golf. You get to play medal or match, single or best ball.

Even figure your own handicap. It’s an intense challenge that will require all your concentration, control and strategy to come in under par. The 9-hole course is meticulously detailed with sandtraps, rough and water features that are sure to test your skills as a golfer.

There’s even a penalty hole where you’ll need to negotiate around obstacles on the ground while carrying a ball over water – it really is like playing against yourself. The Intellivision console offers great graphics and sounds that recreate the feel of playing in front of an actual crowd on Championship caliber courses across America.

So whether you’re looking for some fun alone time or want to compete with friends, PGA Golf (Intellivision) has everything you need. Even better? It’s easy enough for anyone from novice player up through experienced amateur golfer alike – there’s no learning curve at all. Just pick up this iconic title and start enjoying hours upon hours of challenging gameplay right away..

If ever there was a title tailor made for gamers everywhere who love nothing more than putting their skill against others head-to-head, then PGA Golf (Intellivision) would be it. Whether its conquering difficult challenges solo or competing against friends online in tournaments; there’s something here for everyone who loves spending quality time indoors playing video games..


  • 9-hole course
  • demanding
  • Sandtraps, rough, water-this course has them all.
  • medal or match, single or best ball
  • even figure your own handicap.


  • Low quality

What the Product is Best For:

The PGA Golf (Intellivision) is a great way to get your classic golf game on the television. You’ll need all the concentration, control and strategy you can muster to come in under par. Sandtraps, rough, water-this course has them all. Play medal or match, single or best ball. Even figure your own handicap.

9. Boxing (Intellivision)

Boxing (Intellivision)

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With Boxing (Intellivision), you’re in for a real action-packed experience. The game is designed to be very fast-paced and exciting, with each punch having an impact on the fighter’s stamina.

You’ll need to use both your smarts and brawn to win this one — so keep him in tip top condition. As the champion boxer, it’s up to you to dictate the pace of the fight by choosing when and how much pressure to apply.

Use your quick reflexes and strategic thinking skills as you take down your opponent one punch at a time…or even better, 15 rounds at a time. It features realistic graphics that will immerse you completely in the game world – making every punch feel like it really matters.

And if things get too tough, there are also power-ups available that can help turn the tide of battle in your favour… There are several different opponents waiting for you online or off (depending on which version of Boxing (Intellivision) you buy). So whether it’s friends or family battling it out against each other, there’s sure to be plenty of competition around.

In terms of controls, everything is simple enough for anyone to pick up quickly but still allows for some deep strategy – perfect for those hardcore boxing fans out there. And finally…just because this isn’t just another run-of-the mill video game doesn’t mean that batteries aren’t required: unlike most games where all players share resources equally, Boxing (Intellivision) actually requires its own set of AAA batteries – so make sure they’re always fully charged before taking on another challenger..

Whether playing locally with friends or competing against others online; Boxing (Intellivision) guarantees hours upon hours of intense fun gameplay..


  • lightning fast action
  • bell for sound effects
  • durable
  • German-engineered mechanism


  • Poor quality

What the Product is Best For:

The Intellivision Boxing game was one of the earliest video games and it’s still a great way to spend an afternoon. It features lightning-fast action with realistic graphics that will immerse you in the fight. Whether you’re a boxing enthusiast or just looking for some fun, this is an easy game to play on your computer.

10. Boogie /PS2

Boogie /PS2

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Boogie is an interactive dance game for Playstation 2 that will have you shaking your booty all night long. You can choose from a variety of different modes, including Dance Party and Sing Along.

In each mode, you’ll be tasked with completing various challenges while busting some moves to the music. The controls are really simple- just use the left stick to move around and the right stick to make your selections.

And if that’s not enough fun, there’s even an integrated microphone so you can sing along. With over 40 songs available at launch, there’s something for everyone in this wild ride into rhythm heaven.


  • Dance and sing with PlayStation 2
  • Interactive game
  • Fun


  • Boogie / PS2 is bad because it does not work.

What the Product is Best For:

The Boogie /PS2 is a great option for anyone who wants to have some fun while they work. It has an easy-to-use wireless controller that allows you to dance and sing along to your favorite songs, making it a great addition to any toolkit.

What to Look for to Have The Best Intellivision Games?

If you’re a gamer who’s looking for the best Intellivision games, you’re in for a treat. The Intellivision games are surely the best games ever created.

Intellivision was an amazing video game console that was released in 1979 and it was the second most popular console ever after the Atari. The Intellivision games were actually the first to be released on cartridge and the cartridges were also the first to be sold in the market. The Intellivision games were all created by the company of the same name and the first few games were released in 19*The Intellivision games were a hit in the market since people liked playing the games and they were easy to play on the console.

The Intellivision games were mostly text based games and some of them were also followed by an arcade game. Intellivision games could be played at home and some of them could even be played on the console itself. The Intellivision games had many other features that made the console unique from other consoles. The Intellivision games came loaded in the console and there were no setup requirements. The Intellivision games came with a variety of different games and you could also create your own games.

The Intellivision games were also easy to use and the learning curve was also very low. The games were easy to understand and easy to play.

The Intellivision games were available for both the Atari and the Intellivision consoles. The games were also made available for the Atari system too. The Intellivision games were priced at about $5 to $25 and they were released in two versions. The Intellivision games were released in the cartridge version and the version that was released in the Intellivision console was also a cartridge.

The Intellivision games were very easy to use and they were also easy to learn. The Intellivision games were also very portable since they were on a cartridge.

The Intellivision games were created by the same company that created the Intellivision console and the Intellivision games were also the first to be released in the cartridge.

What People Also Asking About Best Intellivision Games?

You can use the best intellivision games for playing the most recent games on your TV. It’s a fun way to combine your home entertainment system with your favorite video games.

Q: What are the best intellivision games?

A: The best intellivision games are those that can provide you a good gaming experience. These games include the best intellivision games for the most recent ones. For instance, the best intellivision games you can play are the ones that are released after the television is manufactured. It is best to look for the most popular games as they are the most appealing.

Q: How do I play the best intellivision games?

A: Most intellivision games are easy to play. You can start playing the games by simply pressing the “PLAY” button on your television remote. Alternatively, you can also use a game console that is connected to your television.

Q: What are the best intellivision games for the best intellivision games?

A: The best intellivision games are those that are released after the television is manufactured. The most popular ones include the most recent releases. Also, it is best to check the magazine that you buy to be sure that the games are the newest ones.

Q: What are some other intellivision games?

A: There are many other intellivision games that you can use. You can choose the best intellivision games for playing the games that you like. For instance, you can select the ones that you like the most.


There are a number of excellent Intellivision games available for purchase today, so it can be hard to determine which one to buy. However, by taking the time to read this article and compare the different titles, you should easily be able to find the best game for your needs.

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