What Does the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Do?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that has captivated players worldwide for over a decade. One of the most important aspects of Minecraft is enchanting weapons and armor to make them more powerful and efficient.

The Infinity Enchantment is one such enchantment that has become a favorite among players due to its unique ability to allow a player to shoot arrows without consuming them from their inventory.

This means that as long as a player has at least one arrow in their inventory, they can shoot arrows endlessly during battles. However, there are certain limitations to the Infinity Enchantment that players should be aware of before using it.

In this article, we will explore the Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft, how it works, its benefits and limitations, and provide some strategies for effectively using it in the game.

What Does the Minecraft Infinity Enchantment Do

What is the Infinity Enchantment?

How to Obtain the Infinity Enchantment

Here are a few methods you can employ to obtain this valuable enchantment:

Enchanting Table

The most common method to obtain enchantments in Minecraft is through the use of an enchanting table. To acquire the Infinity Enchantment through this method, you’ll need to gather experience points (XP) by defeating mobs, mining resources, or smelting items.

Once you have accumulated enough XP, construct an enchanting table using obsidian, diamonds, and a book. Place the bow you wish to enchant in the left slot of the enchanting table GUI and select the available enchantment options on the right.

Keep cycling through the enchantments until you come across Infinity. However, note that the enchantment table method has an element of randomness, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get Infinity right away. You might need to enchant multiple bows until you obtain the desired enchantment.


Another way to obtain the Infinity Enchantment is by combining two bows in an anvil. One of the bows should already have the Infinity Enchantment, while the other bow can have any enchantments you desire.

Place the enchanted bow in the left slot and the second bow in the right slot of the anvil’s interface. This process merges the enchantments, transferring the Infinity Enchantment to the second bow.

Keep in mind that the cost of combining enchantments increases with each subsequent use of the anvil, so make sure you have enough experience levels to perform the combination.


In Minecraft, you can also obtain the Infinity Enchantment by fishing. Set up a fishing rod and find a suitable body of water, such as a river, lake, or ocean.

Cast your fishing rod and wait for a bite. As you reel in fish or other items, there is a small chance of catching enchanted items, including bows with the Infinity Enchantment.

This method requires patience and a bit of luck, as the chances of obtaining the enchantment through fishing are relatively low.

However, it offers a more relaxed and passive way to acquire the Infinity Enchantment while enjoying the serene ambiance of fishing in Minecraft.


Trading with villagers is another avenue to obtain the coveted Infinity Enchantment. Locate a village and interact with the villagers to find a librarian.

Librarians often offer enchanted books in their trade inventory. You can trade emeralds and other valuable items with them in exchange for enchanted books. Check their available enchanted books for the Infinity Enchantment.

If it’s not initially available, you can refresh their trades by breaking and replacing their lectern, allowing for new enchantment options to appear.

Be prepared to invest some time and resources into acquiring the necessary emeralds and finding the right librarian with the desired enchantment.

Loot Chests

Finally, the Infinity Enchantment can be found as loot in various chests scattered throughout the Minecraft world. These chests can be found in generated structures like dungeons, mineshafts, temples, strongholds, or woodland mansions.

Explore these locations thoroughly and search for chests containing enchanted books or bows. While the chances of finding the Infinity Enchantment in loot chests are relatively low, it adds an element of excitement to your exploration and rewards your efforts when you do stumble upon it.

Benefits of Using the Infinity Enchantment

The Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft offers several significant benefits to players who utilize it:

Unlimited Ammunition

The primary advantage of the Infinity Enchantment is that it provides players with an infinite supply of arrows. When using a bow with the Infinity Enchantment, you no longer need to worry about running out of arrows during intense battles or long exploration sessions.

This allows you to focus on your targets and combat strategy without the interruption of constantly replenishing your ammunition.

Resource Conservation

By eliminating the need to craft or collect arrows, the Infinity Enchantment helps you conserve valuable resources. Arrows require materials like flint, feathers, and sticks to craft, which can be time-consuming to gather.

With Infinity, you can allocate your resources to other important tasks, such as crafting armor, tools, or building structures, without depleting your stockpile of arrows.

Extended Battle Durations

The ability to fire an infinite number of arrows significantly extends the duration of battles. This is particularly useful when facing powerful mobs, and bosses, or engaging in PvP combat.

Instead of constantly worrying about depleting your ammunition, you can focus on your strategy, dodging attacks, and delivering precise shots to defeat your adversaries.

The Infinity Enchantment empowers players to engage in prolonged combat encounters, enhancing their chances of victory.

Versatility and Flexibility

With the Infinity Enchantment, you can carry a single bow with infinite ammunition, eliminating the need for multiple bows or switching between different types of arrows. This offers greater versatility and flexibility in combat situations.

Whether you’re engaging enemies from a distance, defending your base, or exploring challenging environments, the Infinity Enchantment ensures you always have a reliable ranged weapon at your disposal.

Economic Value

The Infinity Enchantment holds economic value in multiplayer servers or trading-focused gameplay. Since arrows are a valuable commodity in these contexts, having an infinite supply grant you an advantage in trade negotiations or bartering.

You can offer arrows to other players or villagers without worrying about depleting your stock, making you a valuable asset and potentially opening up lucrative opportunities for resource exchange.

Inventory Management

Carrying a limitless supply of arrows through the Infinity Enchantment saves inventory space. Instead of dedicating valuable slots to stacks of arrows, you can allocate that space to other essential items, such as healing potions, building materials, or additional weapons.

This streamlined inventory management allows for greater efficiency and flexibility during your Minecraft adventures.

Limitations of the Infinity Enchantment

Cannot Be Combined With Mending Enchantment

One of the main limitations of the Infinity Enchantment is that it cannot be combined with the Mending Enchantment. The Mending Enchantment allows a player’s weapons and armor to be repaired by collecting experience orbs while using them.

This means that a bow with Mending Enchantment can be used indefinitely as long as the player collects experience orbs. However, if a player wants to use the Infinity Enchantment, they will have to forgo the benefits of the Mending Enchantment.

Explanation of Mending Enchantment

The Mending Enchantment is a powerful ability that allows players to repair their weapons and armor by collecting experience orbs. When a player has an item enchanted with Mending equipped, they will collect experience orbs automatically.

These experience orbs are then used to repair the item’s durability, making it a highly desirable enchantment for players who want to conserve their resources.

Trade-offs Between Infinity and Mending Enchantments

The trade-offs between the Infinity and Mending Enchantments can be difficult for players to balance. On one hand, the Infinity Enchantment allows players to use an unlimited number of arrows without having to worry about resource management.

On the other hand, the Mending Enchantment provides players with a steady supply of resources by allowing them to repair their weapons and armor indefinitely. Ultimately, the choice between the two enchantments will depend on a player’s playstyle and preferences.

Players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle may opt for the Infinity Enchantment, while players who prefer a more resource-conscious playstyle may opt for the Mending Enchantment.

Strategies for Using the Infinity Enchantment

Using Infinity Enchantment for Prolonged Battles

One of the best strategies for using the Infinity Enchantment is to use it during prolonged battles. Because the enchantment allows a player to shoot an unlimited number of arrows, they won’t have to worry about running out of arrows during extended combat.

This can be particularly useful during boss battles or long-range engagements where players need to maintain a steady stream of attacks.

Optimal Situations for Using Infinity Enchantment

There are several optimal situations for using the Infinity Enchantment. For example, players who frequently engage in long-range combat or who are playing in a multiplayer setting where resources are limited may benefit from the Infinity Enchantment.

Additionally, players who want to focus on combat and exploration rather than resource gathering may prefer to use the Infinity Enchantment to save time and effort.

How to Balance Using Infinity Enchantment and Other Enchantments

Here are some considerations and strategies for balancing the Infinity Enchantment with other enchantments:

Assess Your Playstyle

Understand how you prefer to engage in combat or explore the Minecraft world. Are you a long-range archer who prefers to keep your distance from enemies, or do you enjoy a more up-close and personal approach?

Knowing your playstyle will help you choose enchantments that align with your strengths and enhance your preferred tactics.

Damage Boosting Enchantments

The Power and Punch enchantments are excellent choices for increasing the damage output of your bow. Power increases the base damage of your arrows, allowing you to deal more substantial hits to enemies. Punch.

On the other hand, adds knockback to your shots, pushing opponents away and giving you a tactical advantage. Combining these enchantments with the Infinity Enchantment enables you to deal devastating damage while ensuring a continuous supply of arrows.

Fire Aspect

The Flame enchantment, which sets enemies on fire, can be a valuable addition when combined with Infinity. It adds a burning effect to your arrows, inflicting additional damage over time. This combination is particularly effective against mobs vulnerable to fire, and it can provide a tactical advantage in various combat situations.

Consider Unbreaking

The Unbreaking enchantment increases the durability of your bow, reducing the rate at which it loses durability with each shot.

As the Infinity Enchantment consumes durability on the bow with each shot, combining it with Unbreaking ensures that your bow lasts longer before needing repair or replacement.

This pairing helps you maintain your infinite supply of arrows without the constant need to repair or create new bows.

Customize Your Enchantments

Minecraft’s enchanting system allows for customization through the use of enchanted books and an anvil. This enables you to choose and combine enchantments according to your preferences.

For example, you can enchant separate books with various enchantments and combine them on an anvil to create a powerful bow with Infinity along with other desired enchantments.

Experiment and Adapt

Minecraft offers a vast array of enchantments, each with its unique effects. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations of enchantments to find what works best for you.

Some enchantments may synergize better with your playstyle and objectives than others. Adapt your enchantments based on the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve.


Can the Infinity Enchantment be applied to any type of bow?

Yes, the Infinity Enchantment can be applied to any type of bow in Minecraft.

How many levels of the Infinity Enchantment are there?

There is only one level of the Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft. Once applied, the bow will have the Infinity Enchantment indefinitely.

Does the Infinity Enchantment work with all types of arrows?

Yes, the Infinity Enchantment works with all types of arrows in Minecraft. This includes normal arrows, spectral arrows, and tipped arrows.

Can the Infinity Enchantment be combined with other enchantments?

Yes, the Infinity Enchantment can be combined with other enchantments. However, as mentioned earlier, it cannot be combined with the Mending Enchantment.

Do I need to have a full stack of arrows in my inventory to use the Infinity Enchantment?

No, you only need to have at least one arrow in your inventory to use the Infinity Enchantment. This allows you to shoot as many arrows as you want without running out, as long as you have at least one arrow in your inventory.

Can the Infinity Enchantment be removed or replaced?

Yes, the Infinity Enchantment can be removed or replaced using a grindstone. However, this will also remove any other enchantments that are on the bow.

Is the Infinity Enchantment available in all versions of Minecraft?

Yes, the Infinity Enchantment is available in all versions of Minecraft, including the Bedrock Edition and Java Edition.

To Recap

The Infinity Enchantment in Minecraft is a game-changing ability that can provide players with a significant advantage during battles.

By allowing players to shoot arrows without consuming them from their inventory, the Infinity Enchantment can save players the time and resources required to collect arrows.

However, players must also be aware of the limitations of the Infinity Enchantment, such as its inability to be combined with the Mending Enchantment.

By considering these factors and implementing strategies for using the Infinity Enchantment effectively, players can maximize their chances of success in Minecraft.

With its unique abilities and gameplay mechanics, Minecraft continues to remain one of the most beloved and engaging video games of all time.

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