What Is A Minecraft Server Message?

In the world of Minecraft, a server message is an important aspect of any multiplayer gameplay experience.

A Minecraft Server Message, commonly referred to as a MOTD, is a brief text that appears underneath the name and icon of a server on the Minecraft server list.

These messages are commonly used to showcase server features, describe the gameplay experience, or even make important announcements to players.

Minecraft Server Message

How to Set Up a Server Message

Setting up a server message, also known as a Message of the Day (MOTD), is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up a server message for your Minecraft server:

Access Server Configuration Files

Connect to your server’s file system using FTP or a file manager provided by your hosting service. Locate the configuration files for your Minecraft server.

Find the Server Properties File

Look for a file named “server.properties” within the server’s configuration files. This file contains various settings for your Minecraft server.

Open the Server Properties File

Open the “server.properties” file using a text editor of your choice. You can use built-in text editors like Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on macOS.

Locate the MOLT Line

Scroll through the “server.properties” file until you find the line that begins with “motd=”. This line controls the server message or MOTD that will be displayed in the server list.

Edit the MOTD Line

Modify the text after “motd=” to create your desired server message. Be sure to follow any character limitations imposed by Minecraft or your hosting service.

Save the Changes

Once you have edited the MOTD line, save the “server.properties” file. Ensure that the file extension remains the same (usually “.properties”).

Restart the Minecraft Server

To apply the changes, you need to restart your Minecraft server. This can usually be done through your hosting service’s control panel or by using a command provided by the hosting service.

Verify the Server Message

Launch Minecraft on your computer and navigate to the server list. Your newly set server message should now be visible, appearing below the server name and next to the server icon.

Tips for Creating an Effective Server Message

  • Keep it brief: The server message has a character limit, so keep it short and sweet.
  • Be descriptive: Make sure to include any important information that will give potential players an idea of what they can expect on your server.
  • Use positive language: Avoid negative language in your message to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Update regularly: Keep your message up to date with events and updates to encourage players to stick around.

Setting up a server message is a simple yet essential process for any Minecraft server owner. A good server message can attract new players, engage current players, and enhance the overall experience of the server.

By following the above tips, you can create an effective and welcoming server message that will make your server stand out in the Minecraft community.

Promoting Server Features

Different Server Features to Promote

There are several server features that can be promoted through a MOTD, including:

  1. Custom Plugins: If your server has unique plugins or mods that cannot be found elsewhere, highlighting them in the MOTD can attract players who want to experience something new.
  2. Events: If your server hosts regular events or tournaments, promoting them in the MOTD can encourage players to join and participate.
  3. Donator Perks: Many servers offer special perks or bonuses to players who donate money to the server. Promoting these perks in the MOTD can encourage players to donate and support the server.
  4. Server Rules: Clearly outlining the server rules in the MOTD can help create a more welcoming and friendly community.
  5. Server Discord or Website: If your server has an associated Discord or website, promoting it in the MOTD can help players stay connected and informed about server updates.

How to Include Server Features in a Server Message

To include server features in a MOTD, simply add a short description or tagline next to the feature you want to promote.

For example, if your server has a unique plugin that adds new biomes, your MOTD could say “Explore new biomes with our custom plugin.” Alternatively, you can create a list of features and highlight them using bullet points.

Examples of Effective Server Feature Promotions

  • “Join our weekly build competitions and show off your skills.”
  • “Unlock special perks and rewards by donating to our server.”
  • “Experience a completely custom server with unique plugins and mods.”
  • “Stay up-to-date with all server news and updates by joining our Discord.”
  • “Play with a friendly and welcoming community – read our server rules for more info.”

Creating Announcements

Creating announcements is a great way to keep your players engaged and informed about important updates, events, or changes happening on your server.

It provides a valuable tool for communication and helps to build a strong community. There are different types of announcements that can be used depending on the purpose and audience.

Types of Announcements

  • Event Announcements: Announcements about upcoming events or activities can be great to get players excited and create anticipation.
  • Maintenance Announcements: Announcements about server maintenance or updates can help avoid confusion and frustration for players who might log in during maintenance hours.
  • Rule Announcements: Announcements about new or updated server rules can help to ensure that all players are on the same page and playing by the same rules.

Examples of Good Announcement Messaging

  1. A short and concise message can often grab attention better than a long message. For example, “Join us this Friday for a PvP tournament at 8 pm.” is more effective than “We are hosting a player versus player tournament on Friday evening starting at 8 pm”.
  2. Use compelling language when creating your announcements. Make sure that your message has a clear call to action and is exciting.
  3. Use images or GIFs in your announcements to create visual interest and make them stand out.

How to Create Effective Announcement Messages

  1. Know your audience: Before creating your announcement, think about your target player group and what types of information they would find most engaging or useful.
  2. Keep it concise: Avoid long paragraphs of text. Use bulleted lists and short sentences to make your announcement easier to read.
  3. Use appropriate tone and language: Make sure that the voice and tone of your announcement align with your server’s brand and values.
  4. Use visuals: Use images, videos, or other visual elements to make your announcement stand out and grab attention.

Effective announcement messaging is an essential part of running a successful Minecraft server, and it can significantly contribute to building a strong user community.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can create compelling and engaging announcements that will keep your players interested and informed.

Remember, creating great announcements takes time, effort, and experimentation, but the results are well worth it.

Attracting Attention to Your Server

The Importance of Standing Out on the Server List

In the vast and competitive Minecraft world, it can be challenging to attract players to your server. One of the essential elements of standing out in the Minecraft community is having an eye-catching and engaging message of the day (MOTD).

Having a well-crafted MOTD is crucial for attracting the attention of potential players who are browsing through the server list. Therefore, it is essential to create a message that will make your server stand out from the rest.

How to Create a Server Message That Attracts Attention

To create a server message that attracts attention, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet: Your MOTD should be concise, clear, and easy to read. It would be best if you communicated your server’s primary feature or theme in a sentence or two.
  2. Use Attention-Grabbing Words: Use exciting and captivating words to create a hook that will draw in the players. You can use powerful verbs and adjectives that evoke emotions or promise some fulfilling experience on the server.
  3. Use Colors and Formatting: Use color and formatting to highlight keywords or specific features or make your message eye-catching. Use the color codes available online to add color to your MOTD.
  4. Keep Up-to-Date: Keep your server message up-to-date with any changes or features added. It shows potential players that your server is active and has current events going on.

Examples of Effective Message Hooks

Here are some examples of effective message hooks that you can use:

  1. Looking for a server that offers the perfect balance between PvP and PvE? Look no further.
  2. Our server offers a unique and custom RPG experience with tons of new content added regularly.
  3. Want to be part of a friendly and tight-knit community that welcomes all players? Join us now.
  4. Are you tired of grieving and raiding? Our Anti-Grief and Anti-Raid plugins offer you complete protection while you play.

Step into a whole new world with our custom terrain generation and biome-specific gameplay.

The MOTD of your server is vital in attracting players to your server. A well-crafted and effective MOTD message serves as the first impression for your server.

Therefore, take the time to create a message that is concise, uses attention-grabbing words, uses formatting and colors, and is up-to-date. This will help you stand out from the other servers and bring in more players to your community.

Best Practices for Server Messages

The Dos and Don’ts of Server Messages

When it comes to server messages, there are certain rules that should be followed.

The following are some dos and don’ts of server messages:


  • Keep the message short and sweet. Avoid long-winded sentences that may bore the reader.
  • Be creative and come up with a catchy phrase that will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Provide useful information about your server.
  • Include any special promotions or events that are going on with your server.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation to make your message look professional.


  • Use offensive language or derogatory terms in your message.
  • Write in all caps, as it can come off as shouting and be distasteful.
  • Use excessive exclamation points or emoticons.
  • Make false claims about your server to attract more players.

How Often to Update Server Messages

Regularly updating the server message is critical to attracting new players and keeping the existing ones interested. A good rule of thumb is to update the message at least once a week.

Update your server message when you have any special promotions or events that are happening on the server. Additionally, if there are changes that have been made to the server, for example, new plugins or settings, it is essential to update the message to let players know about them.

How to Get Feedback on Your Server Message

Getting feedback on your server messages is indeed crucial for improving the player experience and ensuring the success of your Minecraft server. Here are some effective ways to gather feedback on your server messages:

  1. Create a poll or survey: Set up a poll or survey on your website or social media platforms where players can provide their opinions and suggestions regarding the server messages. Keep the questions concise and specific to encourage maximum participation.
  2. Provide in-game feedback options: Incorporate feedback mechanisms directly within the game. For example, you can add a command or an interactive sign that allows players to leave feedback directly in the game. Make sure to make it easily accessible and user-friendly.
  3. Utilize social media platforms: Leverage the power of social media to engage with your players and gather feedback. Encourage players to leave comments or direct messages about their thoughts on the server messages. Regularly monitor your social media pages and respond to the feedback received.
  4. Establish a feedback channel: Create a dedicated channel on your Discord server or any other communication platform where players can share their feedback. This provides a direct line of communication and encourages players to express their opinions and suggestions.
  5. Engage with the community: Actively participate in discussions on forums, Reddit, or Minecraft-specific communities. Share your server messages and ask for feedback from the community members. Engaging with the community not only helps in getting feedback but also builds a strong player base.
  6. Regularly review server logs: Monitor the server logs to gather insights about the player experience. Pay attention to any common complaints or recurring issues related to the server messages. Analyzing this data can help you identify areas for improvement.
  7. Encourage constructive criticism: Foster an environment where players feel comfortable providing constructive criticism. Let them know that their feedback is valued and considered for future improvements. Avoid being defensive and appreciate the input provided by the players.
  8. Act on feedback: Once you gather feedback, analyze it and take appropriate action. Make necessary changes to the server messages based on the suggestions and address any issues highlighted by the players. Communicate the changes to the community to show that their feedback has been taken into account.

What is Team Message Minecraft?

Team Message is a command in Minecraft. It allows players to send private messages to their teams. The command is activated by typing ‘/teams. It is a useful feature for communication in team-based gameplay.

Players can coordinate strategies and plan more easily. The message will only be visible to players on the same team. This means it is a secure way to communicate without revealing information to opponents.

Team Message is also known as the ‘/time command. This shortcut command can be used as a quicker alternative. In summary, Team Message is a tool to aid in team communication and strategy in Minecraft gameplay.

Is There Messaging on Minecraft?

  1. Multiplayer Chat System Minecraft has a built-in chat system in its multiplayer servers allowing players to send and view messages while playing with others.
  2. Sign Functionality Players can use signs, a game item, to display text in Minecraft. Four lines of text can be used per sign, providing a unique method of communication.
  3. Messaging on Bedrock Bedrock Edition, one of the two versions of Minecraft, also includes a private messaging system for players to communicate directly.
  4. Messaging on Java Edition Java Edition does not have a private messaging system, but players can use the third-party software, such as Discord and Teamspeak, to communicate.
  5. Parental Controls Minecraft allows parents to set parental controls, such as disabling chat and blocking users, to ensure their child’s playing experience is safe and appropriate.

To Recap

Overall, a Minecraft Server Message is an essential tool for welcoming and informing players on any given server.

As the popularity of Minecraft continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for server admins to utilize these messages to attract new players and keep their community engaged.

A well-crafted MOTD can make all the difference in player retention, ensuring your server remains a popular destination in the vast landscape of Minecraft multiplayer.

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