Best Nintendo Ds Games

Nintendo DS is a portable video game console released by Nintendo on November 21, 2004. The console was the successor to the Game Boy Advance, and as such, it featured backwards compatibility with Game Boy Advance games.

The Nintendo DS also features several outwardly different design features from its predecessors: dual screens that can be used independently or together to show two different images simultaneously (a feature borrowed from Sony’s handheld PlayStation Portable), built-in cameras that are able to capture 3D imagery without the need for additional accessories like glasses or viewer software, and a microphone which can be used in conjunction with voice recognition technology to perform various tasks within games such as searching through menus.
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Best Nintendo Ds Games

Nintendo DS games are some of the most versatile and fun entertainment devices available today. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from homework help to simply killing time. With so many great titles available, it’s hard to know which one to pick up first.

1. New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros

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Mario has never looked so powerful. In New Super Mario Bros., you’ll be able to use some very advanced techniques that were not possible in the original game.

You’ll also have access to new moves and power ups. The levels are varied, with different environments that will require a variety of strategies to conquer them.

There are even volcanic levels where you must run and jump your way through dangerous obstacles. As you play, you’ll gain experience points which can then be used to upgrade your skills or purchase new items at Toad’s shop.

If playing alone is not your thing, there is also a multiplayer mode available in which you can team up with friends for an exciting battle against the computer or other players online


  • New moves
  • power up


  • Influenced by other games instead of the original
  • Low quality

What the Product is Best For:

The New Super Mario Bros game is a must-have for any gamers in your household. With its stunning graphics and challenging levels, it will keep you entertained for hours on end.

2. LEGO Lord of the Rings – Nintendo DS

LEGO Lord of the Rings - Nintendo DS

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The LEGO Lord of the Rings game for the Nintendo DS is an epic adventure that lets you explore all of Middle-earth like never before. You will be able to battle creatures such as Orcs, Uruk-hai, and other fearsome creatures.

You can control your character by using the touch screen interface or use the Circle Pad Pro controller (sold separately). And this time around, there are minifigures that deliver dialogue from the films. There are over 60 playable characters in total and each with their own unique abilities and weaponry.

This includes Frodo Baggins, Aragorn Elessar, Gandalf Whitebeard​ , Legolas Greenleaf​ , Gimli Gloin​​ , Peregrin Took​​ etcetera. Collect items such as swords, bows & arrows; magical rings; Elven rope etc., which will come in handy during your quests across Middle-earth . Use your skills to defeat evil forces and save Middle-earth from destruction.


  • explore the open-world of Middle-earth
  • collect and use a variety of weaponry and magical items
  • 60 playable characters
  • deliver dialogue from films


  • No cons

What the Product is Best For:

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Nintendo DS game is a great way to experience the characters from the films come to life. The minifig characters deliver the dialogue from the movies, making it an exciting and immersive experience for fans of all ages.

3. Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 – 7 – Nintendo DS

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 - 7 - Nintendo DS

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In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5 – 7 – Nintendo DS, you will embark on an epic adventure as a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will fight against the forces of Lord Voldemort while mastering advanced dueling skills to defeat his Death Eaters.

This game features dynamic split-screen co-op play that lets you battle with friends and family members together in exciting challenges and quests. There are also 24 story events for you to experience, each with its own unique twists and turns. As you progress through the game, use new charms and spells to help you defeat your opponents or hinder their movements during duels.

Will YOU be able to triumph over Voldemort? LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5 – 7 – Nintendo DS also introduces Unforgivable Curses – powerful magic which can cause devastating damage. These curses have been designed by some of the most famous wizards in history including Dumbledore himself. Discover them all and unlock their powers for yourself.. Master your character’s abilities by attending 16 different lessons that teach essential witchcraft knowledge such as Defense Against The Dark Arts, Potions & Poisons, Transfiguration etc..

It is up to YOU whether or not you want learn these crucial classes or skip them altogether.. During battles against Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters, use cunning strategy as well as quick reflexes; both will be required in order to emerge victorious.. With easy drop-in/dropout cooperative play via wireless connection between two Nintendo DS systems simultaneously (or four players locally), there is no limits on who can join in on the fun..8 With hours upon hours of gameplay waiting for young witches/wizards everywhere.,


  • Master advanced dueling skills to defeat Voldemort’s Death Eaters
  • 16 different lessons at Hogwarts
  • easy drop-in/dropout co-op play
  • dynamic split screen
  • Wireless 2-player simultaneous support


  • Different controls
  • Different characters

What the Product is Best For:

The Lego Harry Potter: Years 5 – 7 – Nintendo DS is a great way for kids to explore the world of Hogwarts and learn about some of the most famous characters in history. With over 80 different characters to unlock, it’s sure to be a favorite game for years to come.

4. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Nintendo DS

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga - Nintendo DS

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For the first time ever, you can play through all 6 Star Wars movies in one videogame. With over 160 unique characters and a vast galaxy to explore, this is an experience not to be missed.

The puzzles that are included encourage creative thinking as you work together with your team of rebels to overcome the obstacles placed before you. You’ll use the unique building situations and Force powers to fight for freedom against Darth Vader and his Imperial troops.

There are now 2 enhanced modes- Campaign mode which lets players follow Luke Skywalker’s journey from his training on Tatooine up until he confronts Darth Vader on Cloud City; and Free Play mode which gives players unrestricted access to all levels, including those previously unreachable in Campaign Mode.

Additionally, there is a revamped Challenge Mode where players must complete various objectives while fighting off waves of enemies or completing grueling challenges such as racing X-wings around Yavin 4 or dodging laser fire in asteroid fields aboard the Millennium Falcon™ . Finally, for Nintendo DS fans there has been exclusive touch screen action incorporated into both versions of the game so that even more opportunities for gaming fun can be had away from a dedicated console/handheld unit


  • Play through the events of all 6 Star Wars movies in 1 videogame for the first time ever
  • Solve puzzles that encourage creative thinking through the use of teamwork and unique building situations
  • New characters bring the total count to over 160; upgraded Character Customizer
  • Enhanced Force powers; new power-ups; new Challenge mode
  • Revamped levels


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What the Product is Best For:

The Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Nintendo DS is a game that brings the total count of characters to over 160. This upgraded Character Customizer lets you customize your favorite characters with new outfits and accessories, giving you endless possibilities for creating unique content.

5. I Spy Castle – Nintendo DS

I Spy Castle - Nintendo DS

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I Spy Castle is a Nintendo DS game that allows players to explore and solve 36 riddles set within 12 beautiful scenes from the famous castle. The brain teasing games make it an addictive experience that you will not want to put down.

It also comes with a built-in camera that allows players in on the action as you play through each scene, making for a truly immersive gaming experience. This unique game can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, so everyone can join in on the fun.


  • 12 visually stunning castle scenes
  • 36 I Spy riddles set within
  • Brain teasing games


  • Loses connection sometimes
  • Not very accurate

What the Product is Best For:

The I Spy Castle Nintendo DS game is a great way to keep your brain active and entertained. The games are based on classic mysteries, with players trying to piece together the clues and solve the puzzles.

6. The Sims 3 – Nintendo DS

The Sims 3 - Nintendo DS

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Take total control over your Sims with The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS. With this game, you get to wield the power of Karma and make decisions that will either bring happiness or heartache to your virtual family members.

You can also create multiple characters and experience life as they do day-by-day. Interact with them in unique ways by using the stylus to give them distinctive facial features, hairstyles, clothes, and more personality traits.

It’s even possible to choose their destiny–whether it be fulfilling their wishes or letting them die a natural death. For the first time ever on a handheld device like DS, you have the ability to build your Sims’ homes from scratch – adding walls and floors, decorating rooms with objects and textures from all around town (including EA Sports games), creating secret passages behind furniture…the possibilities are endless.

DS offers gamers an intuitive interface that makes navigating between options easy; even 8 year olds can play without any difficulty. And because there is no loading screen when changing scenes (just press start), gameplay sessions tend not feel long enough but seem plenty long enough at once so players never lose interest


  • Create and control multiple Sims
  • Unlock All-New Karma Powers
  • build your Sims home
  • sculpt facial features
  • personality traits


  • Disappointing
  • Lost saved games

What the Product is Best For:

The Sims 3 – Nintendo DS is a great game for anyone who loves to create and control their own Sims. With the help of your stylus, you can sculpt their facial features as well as give them unique hair styles and clothing. This gives your Sims a personality all their own, making it an ideal game for Anyone who loves playing with dolls or creating characters in general.

7. Carnival Games NDS – Nintendo DS

Carnival Games NDS - Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DS is a popular gaming platform that lets you play games with family and friends. So, it makes sense for Carnival Games to create an all-new game experience specifically for the device.

The new version of Carnival Games includes over 20 family-friendly favorites, including Alley Ball, Dunk Tank and Frog Leap. These are complemented with all-new games exclusive to the Nintendo DS version, such as RC Raceway, Clown Bonk, Loud Mouth and Bumper Boats.

You can explore the colorful midway for the first time in this edition of Carnival Games. There are virtual prizes available for each game that you complete successfully – higher scores equal better rewards. In addition to playing solo or against others online (via Wi-Fi), you can also customize your avatar’s gender, skin tone and hair color before beginning any game or challenge mode encounter – there’s no limit on how Wacky you want to get.

With 65 unique virtual prizes available at launch – plus more added regularly – it’s easy enough to keep yourself entertained while on the go without ever having to leave home. And if boredom strikes during gameplay? Load up another favorite carnival game from your collection and let loose some serious Cootie Whacks® mayhem.. Make sure your hands look their best when playing carnival games wearing one of over 200 wacky wearable accessories made expressly for this title by our creative team of developers.

From pirate hats to bowling ball heads; dragon masks galore…the options are endless. Plus: mix & match different clothing pieces together for even wilder looks than usual.. You don’t need anyone else but yourself around when indulging in some classic carnival fun – because nobody plays like a crazy person quite like YOU do.. Whether taking part in multiplayer competition or just cruising through challenges solo – Nintendo DS is always ready and waiting so everyone in your party can have lots of laughs together..

Ready set roll…it’s time to hit up those local amusement parks again using only YOUR imagination…and a little bit of help from Carnival Games NDS… 10 sentences total


  • Nintendo DS functionality
  • Over 20 family-friendly favorites
  • Carnival Games for Nintendo DS
  • Complete customization mode
  • Win over 65 virtual prizes


  • Incorrect language
  • No language selection

What the Product is Best For:

The Carnival Games for Nintendo DS lets you explore the colorful midway for the first time. You can play games, buy cotton candy and discover hidden surprises and attractions. This is a great game to take with you on your next trip to the amusement park.

8. Jeopardy – Nintendo DS

Jeopardy - Nintendo DS

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If you’re a fan of Jeopardy., then the Nintendo DS is definitely for you. This handheld gaming console comes complete with all of the iconic elements from the show, such as lights, cameras and even an audience.

You can test your knowledge in authentic Jeopardy. rounds and see how well you do against virtual opponents or friends. There are 2,400 different categories to choose from across various games modes. Double Jeopardy.

mode lets you play against another player twice in a row and finally get your hands on that elusive $10,000 prize. Final Jeopardy also offers up a chance to win big bucks if you know enough about history and other trivia subjects.

The input process is simple- just use the touchscreen interface and stylus to clue in your answer quickly and easily during gameplay sessions- no need for any buttons whatsoever. And should something go wrong along the way (or if someone needs to step away), there’s always handwriting recognition support available so everyone can continue playing without issue..

In addition to quizzing people on general knowledge topics, players will also enjoy fun mini-games within each round like “Name That Tune” where they have 50 seconds to guess all 20 songs played during a commercial break or “What Am I Thinking?” which tests their deductive reasoning skills by asking them questions based off images shown onscreen at certain moments during the game..

With over 100 hours of gameplay spread out across 5 episodes (plus bonus content), there really is something for everyone who buys this device . Whether it’s being able not only quiz others but compete head-to-head yourself or simply taking breaks between classes studying for upcoming exams – there’s never been a better time than now to invest in one of Nintendo DS’ most popular handhelds ever made..


  • Play your favorite quiz game amidst the full Jeopardy. set
  • Enjoy fun “commercial break” mini-games
  • Easy input to clues via the DS touchscreen and the ability to lock in your answer using the handwriting recognition and stylus
  • Virtual opponents or bring friends together in 3-person wireless multiplayer
  • Fun “commercial break” mini-games


  • Repetitive categories
  • Profile breaks

What the Product is Best For:

The Jeopardy. Nintendo DS game is a great way to play against virtual opponents or bring friends together in 3-person wireless multiplayer. The questions are based on the popular television show, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test your knowledge and see how well you do against others.

9. Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party – Nintendo DS

Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party - Nintendo DS

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With Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party for Nintendo DS, you can let your inner fairy out to play. This game features an incredible storyline and allows players to create their very own magical fairy character.

You’ll explore the enchanting world of Fairie Land, join forces with other fairies in thrilling quests and battle evil monsters along the way. Planning and designing school events is a snap with this game–you can choose from dozens of layouts and designs or customize them completely to fit your own style.

And don’t forget about fashion–style your fairy with hundreds of outfits, hairstyles, accessories and more. Collect powerful magic spells as you progress through the game then use them in mini-games to defeat enemies or solve puzzles. As you play, unlock rewards that will help you power up your fairy’s abilities even further.

Believix gear gives your fairy unique powers that she can use in battle against evil villains such as Sirenix and Dragonix . Equip her with weapons like swords, shields and wands then take on fierce battles head-on.. The ultimate goal? To become part of the Winx Club…a group of legendary fairies who are said to be able to stop any threat from happening ever again.

So jump into this exciting adventure today…and enjoy some serious fun while doing it.


  • Create a fairy
  • Customize a fashionable fairy
  • Transform into Believix gear
  • Unlock rewards throughout the game


  • Kids love it

What the Product is Best For:

The Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party Nintendo DS game is perfect for young girls who love fashion and make-up. Customize a fashionable fairy with a host of outfits and styles, then help her prepare for the magical fairy party.

10. 510 in1 Super Combination Game Card Contains 510 Classic Retro Games Suitable for Entertainment Suitable for Variou

510 in1 Super Combination Game Card Contains 510 Classic Retro Games Suitable for Entertainment Suitable for Variou

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This is a super combination game card that contains 510 classic retro games. They are perfect for entertainment purposes and can be used with various types of game consoles.

The cards come in packs of 100 and you will have plenty to entertain yourself with even on long car rides or while waiting in line at the grocery store. You don’t need any special gaming skills to play these games- they are all very easy to learn and execute quickly, regardless of your level of experience or expertise when it comes to video games.

Furthermore, playing these retro arcade classics is great exercise too. Not only do you get some healthy competition going between family members or friends, but also cardiovascular fitness will improve as a result. Finally, this product also doubles as an excellent gift idea- especially if the person you are buying it for loves classic arcade style video games.


  • 2.1 Joules of impact energy
  • reduces vibration
  • Lightweight design
  • durable German-engineered mechanism
  • Rotating Dial


  • Product:
  • Bad Review: I was extremely disappointed with this product. The card itself is very thin and flimsy, making it difficult to use. Additionally, the printing on the card is poor and can easily be damaged.

What the Product is Best For:

This 510 in1 Super Combination Game Card Contains 510 Classic Retro Games Suitable for Entertainment Suitable for Various Types of Game Consoles. It is great for entertaining friends and family with your favorite old school games, all on one convenient card.

What to Look for to Have The Best Nintendo Ds Games?

Nintendo is a Japanese company that has been on the market for quite some time now. With that said, the company is known not only in the video game world, but it also has a variety of other products that are quite popular. One of the latest products to come out of the company is the Nintendo DS Lite. The line of products that the company has released over the last few years has been quite popular, and so the new line of products will be no different.

The Nintendo DS is a gaming system that lets you play games with the use of a stylus. The Nintendo DS Lite is a smaller version of the original system. It has some of the same features as the original system, but it also has some changes that make it a better option. The system is smaller and light, so that it is easy to carry around, and it also has some of the same features as the original system, like the ability to play game to improve concentration.

Console Size

The Nintendo DS Lite has a smaller console than the original system, which is something that you would expect. The size of the console allows you to bring the system anywhere you go, and you will be able to play the games anywhere you want.

Storage Capacity

While you can take the games that are on the system with you, the Nintendo DS Lite only has a limited amount of storage space. You can have up to 32 games on the system, which is something that you can do with most other gaming systems.

Processor Speed

The Nintendo DS Lite is powered by one of the newer processors that can be found on the market today. So, you should be able to play high-definition video games on the system.


If you are looking for a stylus for your Nintendo DS Lite, you can use the one that came with the system.

What People Also Asking About Best Nintendo Ds Games?

Nintendo DS is one of the most popular games consoles in the market. If you are also a gamer and you are looking for best nintendo ds games, here is a list of the best games for your nintendo ds.

Q: What are the best nintendo ds games?

A: The best nintendo ds games are the ones that are compatible with the console and are fun to play. The best nintendo ds games are also highly adaptable to your lifestyle. For example, if you want to play games while on the go, you can use the portable nintendo ds. The best nintendo ds games are also those that can be played with your friends or family.

Q: What are the best nintendo ds games for kids?

A: Most nintendo ds games for kids are fun to play, and they can be played using only on the console. The best nintendo ds games for kids are those that are easy to play and are suitable for a wide range of ages. These games also offer a high amount of replay value and they are usually entertaining.

Q: What are the best nintendo ds games for adults?

A: If you want to play nintendo ds games for adults, you can choose those that are thought-provoking and have a high amount of replay value. You should also choose games that are suitable for a wide range of ages and hobbies.

Q: What are the best nintendo ds games for kids?

A: The best nintendo ds games for kids are those that are easy to play, and you can choose from a wide range of games that are fun to play. The best nintendo ds games for kids are those that are suitable for a wide range of ages. These nintendo ds games for kids are also entertaining.

Q: What is the best nintendo ds game?

A: If you want to play the best nintendo ds game, you need to choose a nintendo ds game that is fun to play. You also need to choose a nintendo ds game that is suitable for a wide range of ages.


There are a lot of great Nintendo DS games available, but if you’re looking for the best ones, we recommend checking out Animal Crossing: Wild World and Luigi’s Mansion.

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