Best Ps2 Games

The Ps2 is a home video game console released by Sony in Japan on December 3, 2000, and in North America and Europe on November 17, 2001. It competed with Microsoft’s original Xbox (2001), as well as the Sega Dreamcast (1998). The Ps2 was discontinued worldwide except for Japan on September 3, 2006.
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Best Ps2 Games

Ps2 is a great platform for gaming. It has many great titles that offer hours of entertainment. From action-packed shooters to puzzle games, there’s something for everyone on the Ps2 game library.

1. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts

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Kingdom Hearts is a real time battle system that incorporates innovative new elements with traditional RPG gameplay. You will be able to encounter Disney characters from films like Aladdin, Tarzan, Hercules & Alice In Wonderland and more.

These characters will act like their film personas – Peter Pan flies, Tarzan climbs and King Triton swims etc. This gives the game an extra layer of authenticity and makes it even more fun to play. The voiceovers are integrated in such a way that they actually involve the voices of Disney characters themselves.

Not only do you get to hear them talk but you also see them animate on-screen just as if they were alive. This really brings the entire experience to life. There are also cameo appearances by Final Fantasy characters in the game too. Selphie (FF VIII), Tidus & Wakka (FF X) for example make an appearance as members of your party..

They interact with other Disney Characters in interesting ways that add further depth to the overall story line.. The battles take place within fantastical worlds inspired by classic tales such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Cinderella which feels very immersive thanks to its realistic graphics


  • Real time battle system
  • Disney characters act like their film personas
  • Cameo appearances by Final Fantasy characters
  • Integrated voiceovers with actual voices of Disney characters


  • Stuck at a difficult part of the game
  • Low quality graphics

What the Product is Best For:

The Kingdom Hearts Rotary Hammer Drill is perfect for anyone who loves Disney movies and characters. This drill features iconic Disney characters that act like their film personas, such as Peter Pan flying, Tarzan climbing and King Triton swimming. With its fun design and powerful performance, this drill is perfect for any home or professional project.

2. Kingdom Hearts II – PlayStation 2

Kingdom Hearts II - PlayStation 2

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Kingdom Hearts II is a role-playing game that allows you to explore both new and familiar worlds from the Kingdom Hearts franchise, as well as Disney worlds.

It also introduces a more advanced battle system which expands on commands and combos to allow for even more strategy in combat. Along with the return of Drive command, Sora can now transform into different forms using the all-new Drive command.

This alters his skills and abilities so it’s important to use it strategically during battles. The revamped camera system keeps players right in the middle of action while exploring these fantastical worlds filled with spectacular sights and sounds.

You’ll also be able to travel between destinations by riding on transportation systems similar to theme park rides. In addition, there are plenty of side quests available for players who want additional content or motivation for their progress through the game world(s).


  • Kingdom Hearts
  • All-new battle system
  • revamped camera system
  • New transportation system


  • Does not look like Kingdom Hearts II
  • Upset because of the disappointment

What the Product is Best For:

The Kingdom Hearts II – PlayStation 2 game features an all-new Drive command that lets Sora change into a variety of new forms, altering his skills and abilities. This makes him even more powerful as he battles the Heartless and other enemies in search of Princesses Keyblade.

3. Resident Evil 4 – PlayStation 2

Resident Evil 4 - PlayStation 2

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Resident Evil 4 – PlayStation 2 is a game that will challenge you in ways you never thought possible. Enemies are now smarter and will use their cunning to defeat you.

To overcome this, Capcom has provided an advanced AI system which makes them smarter than ever before. You can control the action with the Action button and make quick decisions while fighting your way through the game’s environments.

The ‘Aim and Shoot’ targeting allows for pinpoint accuracy when engaging enemies with your firearms; making shots much easier than ever before. Behind-the-scenes footage provides a real time look at characters as they talk or monologue about events taking place in the game world; allowing players to get an insight into what’s going on even during intense combat sequences.

Conversations take center stage too, letting players hear key plot points unfold without interruption from cut scenes – meaning no more waiting around for dialogue to end so you can continue playing. Finally, gamers have complete freedom of movement throughout all areas by using either the traditional dualshock controller or motion sensor capabilities offered by some games consoles (such as Playstation Move).

So whether it’s exploring dark rooms or scaling tall buildings, there are no limits to where you can go in RE4 – PlayStation 2.


  • Enemies smarter than ever
  • Action button for better player control
  • ‘Aim and Shoot’ targeting
  • Behind the camera view
  • Conversations and monologues can be heard in real time


  • Not new
  • Disk won’t work sometimes
  • Freezes

What the Product is Best For:

Resident Evil 4 – PlayStation 2 is an action game that puts you in the shoes of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy as he battles his way through a virus-infested cityscape, searching for missing police officers and bringing down the Umbrella Corporation. The new ‘Aim and Shoot’ targeting system lets you zero in on enemies with your weapon’s sights to take them out quickly and efficiently.

4. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Greatest Hits – PlayStation 2

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Greatest Hits - PlayStation 2

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With over five times the area of Vice City, players can explore three entire cities in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Greatest Hits–Los Santos, Liberty City and San Fierro.

The game has been redesigned from the ground-up for an even more immersive experience with improved graphics and smoother hand-to-hand combat. Carl now swims which adds a whole new level of immersion to the gameplay.

You’ll need to eat too if you want to survive your heists – as Carl gains weight during his journey you’ll have to find food that fits his new physique or risk losing health points in battle; this also affects how good looking he appears.

There are numerous improvements made across all aspects of gameplay making it one of the most complete video games ever released on PlayStation 2 console – enhanced role playing elements including weather effects (rain & snow), car age deterioration, increased police presence throughout each city and much more make GTA SAN ANDREAS feel like a living, breathing world – just like any other open world game today


  • 5 times larger than Vice City
  • Recruit new characters into a street gang
  • Take over by leading drive-by shootings against rivals
  • Steal all-new vehicles, including bicycles
  • Improved fighting elements — smoother hand-to-hand combat, plus the ability to hold a weapon in each hand


  • Bland story
  • No excitement

What the Product is Best For:

The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Greatest Hits – PlayStation 2 improves on the fighting elements found in the original game, adding smoother hand-to-hand combat and the ability to hold a weapon in each hand for more tactical options.

5. Star Wars Battlefront II – PlayStation 2

Star Wars Battlefront II - PlayStation 2

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With more than 13 unique battlefronts spanning across multiple landscapes, Star Wars Battlefront II lets you immerse yourself in the action like never before.

Choose one of dozens of different characters and vehicles from the Star Wars universe, then jump into intense online battles with your friends or foes. In space battles, fight aboard capital ships such as Darth Vader’s iconic Executor or General Grievous’ massive ship-rigged starfighter – or duke it out on foot in epic skirmishes atop enemy vessels.

Take part in all-new special opportunities throughout the game where you can use your lightsaber to defeat enemies and wield Force powers to turn the tide of battle in your favor. New land battlefields include Mustafar from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Utapau from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – both packed with treacherous terrain for infantry combat as well as vehicular mayhem featuring X-wings, TIE fighters and more.

Plus, experience several classic battlegrounds remastered for a new generation including Hoth (from Empire Strikes Back), Tatooine (A New Hope) and Endor (Return of the Jedi).


  • Choose one of dozens of characters from the Star Wars universe
  • Hop into famous vehicles and fight in epic battles
  • New space battles allow you to dogfight in X-wings, TIE fighters, Jedi starfighters and several other starcraft
  • More than 13 new battlefronts on land and in space


  • Repetitive
  • Limited options

What the Product is Best For:

The Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 2 game offers a special opportunity for players to wield a lightsaber and use their favorite Force powers as a Jedi. This allows fans of the franchise to become part of the action in an all-new way, and experience the excitement of Star Wars battles like never before.

6. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

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Street Fighter Anniversary Collection is a DVD-ROM that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter series. It features arcade versions of all six games in the series: Super Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Final Fight, Streets of Rage 2, and Alpha Additionally, it includes bonus footage from various Capcom events and documentaries about the game development process for SFII and SSFII Turbo as well as other classic titles in Capcom’s library such as Resident Evil Zero and Devil May Cry 4 (among others).

The disc also has an exclusive interview with producer Yoshinori Ono where he discusses some behind-the-scenes details on how this installment came to be; including his thoughts on rebooting SFIII with new characters while keeping its essence intact – something not many developers were able to do at the time. As if that weren’t enough there are online multiplayer capabilities allowing up to two players locally or via network play (via TCP/IP only) with different battle settings available depending on game mode chosen (i.e., 1v1 Versus Mode or Team Battle).

There is even support for voice chat functionality so you can Strategize your moves with your friends face-to-face. Finally…you get TWO control pads INCLUDED… One featuring Adon’s artwork from his debut game appearance in SuperStreetFighter II while another faithfully reproduces Ryu’s Fighting Style from street fighter III without any licensing issues….


  • Analog Controller
  • Vibration Memory Card – 214 KB
  • Offline 1-2 Players
  • Number of Players: Offline 1-2 Players


  • Incorrect representation of contents
  • Inability to learn Sean in his best state

What the Product is Best For:

The Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Analog Controller is perfect for fans of the Street Fighter series. It features a vibration memory card that holds up to 214 KB of data, making it easy to keep track of your progress while playing. The controller also has an analog control system that allows you to easily execute combos and move around the screen.

7. ATV Offroad Fury 4 – PlayStation 2

ATV Offroad Fury 4 - PlayStation 2

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Take on the challenge of offroad racing in a new way with ATV Offroad Fury 4 for PlayStation This game is based on full motion videos that move the story along as your rookie rider progresses through the professional ranks.

There are now three different types of off-road vehicles to choose from including MX Bikes, Buggies and Trophy Trucks. You can then select a rider and vehicle and compete in various races, challenges and championships while earning prestige in Story Mode.

The game features 72 distinct tracks from 8 different styles including point to point, supercross, freestyle, rallycross, dirt circuits, hybrid nationals, head to head and hill climb modes. With the Track editor you are able to make straightaways longer or shorter; make corners steeper or less steep; increase jump height or add more ramps into your courses.

So whether you’re looking for an action-packed ride full of adventure or just some fun competition with friends this title has it all.


  • Point-to-Point Baja style racing
  • New Track editor
  • 72 distinct tracks
  • Select a rider, select a vehicle then compete in various races, challenges and championships


  • Does not work with PlayStation 2 discs
  • Manufacturer Error

What the Product is Best For:

The ATV Offroad Fury 4 – PlayStation 2 is a great game for anyone who loves racing and adventure. You can select a rider, vehicle and race in various challenges to earn prestige. In Story Mode, you’ll have to complete different races and challenges to become the champion.

8. Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp

Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp

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Scooby-Doo. and the Spooky Swamp is a mystery solving game that lets you use your nunchuk controller to play. You can team up with friends or take on the challenges by yourself in full Mission Co-Op mode.

There are also multiple mini-games that will test your deductive skills as well as your puzzle solving abilities. These games range from classic mysteries like murder to more brain teasing puzzles where you have to figure out what happened based on clues scattered around the scene of the crime.

As you progress through the game, new enemies and boss battles will appear requiring different strategies and tactics to be victorious. Use cool gadgets like a fingerprint scanner or spectral camera to help solve various mysteries, uncover treasure, and catch criminals. Customize your character using unique accessories and clothing items found throughout each level of gameplay which will enhance their powers, give them unique appearances, or just look really spooky.

The game features an intuitive touch screen interface for easy navigation no matter how rough your hands might get when playing video games late at night…or during class 🙂


  • Full Mission Co-Op
  • Mini-Games
  • Nunchuk controller play
  • New brain-teasing puzzles test your mystery solving skills and new monster enemies and epic boss battles.
  • Use cool gadgets and tools to help solve mysteries, uncover treasure and help in your investigations


  • Some characters are harder to control than others
  • Loses connection often

What the Product is Best For:

The Scooby-Doo. and the Spooky Swamp game is perfect for family fun times, as it tests your mystery solving skills and introduces new monster enemies and epic boss battles.

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2)

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PS2) is an action-packed game that faithfully recreates the world of Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael. This cel-shaded masterpiece features advanced graphics and comic book effects like Bash and Thok.

You can master ninja butt-kickin’ skills in a variety of action-based gameplay modes including levels, arena fights and versus mode with up to four players. Discover scrolls and items to unlock special attack moves and effects that will aid you in your fight against the Foot Clan — complete with impressive graphics.

Super fast martial arts action as you face off against the deadly Foot Clan in Graphically Stunning environments – complete with impressive comic book effects like Bash & Thok. Go toe to toe with April O’Neal, Casey Jones or even the Shredder – all playable through Versus Mode – alternatively test your skills by taking on single player challenges from across Turtle history..


  • cel-shading techniques and advanced graphics faithfully recreates the world of Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael
  • Master ninja butt-kickin’ skills in action-based gameplay
  • Discover scrolls and items to unlock special attack moves and effects
  • Super-fast martial arts action as you face off against the deadly Foot Clan — complete with impressive graphics and comic-book effects like Bash and Thok
  • Versus Mode


  • Demo version

What the Product is Best For:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an action game for the PlayStation 2 that follows the adventures of four teenage mutant turtles – Leonardo, Michelangelo, DonatellO and Raphael. As they battle Shredder and his Foot Clan, players will explore scrolls to unlock special attack moves and effects.

10. The Incredibles

The Incredibles

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The Incredibles is a game based on the movie storyline and it’s an action-packed adventure that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can play as any of the superheroes from the movie, using their powers to take down bombs, bullets, robots, and lasers.

The gameplay combines tactical action with puzzle elements in order to create a unique experience that is sure to please fans of both genres. It also has plenty of humor injected into every level so you won’t get bored easily. There are 18 levels in total and each one offers its own set of challenges and objectives that must be completed in order to move onto the next one.

As you progress through the game, new characters will join your team including Mr Incredible (Bob Parr), Elastigirl (Violet Parr), Frozone (Mr Freeze), Dashiell Hammett (Frozone’s son). With great graphics and sound effects combined with immersive gameplay mechanics, this title is a must-have for all those who love exciting superhero games.


  • Tactical action
  • Adventure based on movie storyline
  • Play as any of the Incredibles
  • Fighting, racing, and puzzle action
  • humor


  • Characters were excluded from gameplay
  • Lackluster game play

What the Product is Best For:

The Incredibles is a funny, action-packed game that combines fighting, racing, and puzzle solving across 18 levels. The game’s humor will have you in stitches as you play your way through the various challenges posed by Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet Parr and more.

What to Look for to Have The Best Ps2 Games?

Now that you have an idea of the best products in the market, it would help to look at some of the essential features. A PS2 games has many small aspects that you need to check to ensure you are making the right investment. By taking a look at these features, you can narrow down on the right unit without too much hassle.

Game Genres

The first feature that you might want to take a look at is the genre of the game. This factor is what is responsible for the actual gameplay of the unit. There is always a trade-off; however, as with higher genres, the battery becomes bulkier, which, in turn, affects the portability of the unit.

Game Genre Compatibility

The genre compatibility is a feature that you might want to look out for when you are choosing a best PS2 games. Compatibility is important if you want to play games from various consoles, which is especially true if you are a veteran gamer.

Gamepad Support

The gamepad support is another feature that you might want to consider. The gamepad is a great way to play all kinds of games, and you can get them from various manufacturers. But, not all the units on the market support gamepads, so it is important to consider this feature before buying.

Anti-ghosting Technology

The anti-ghosting technology lets you know if the gamepad supports it, and it is a feature that you might not want to overlook. If the unit supports it, then the anti-ghosting technology alleviates the issue of the lag that can be experienced when you are playing a PS2 game.

Controller Compatibility

The controller compatibility is another feature that you might want to take a look at. The controller is an essential component of the console, as that is what controls the gaming experience of the unit. Expecting the controller to last a lifetime is unrealistic, and you need to be ready to replace it when it loses its edge.

Game Discs

The game discs are the storage medium of the unit. Expect to get a lot of storage space with a PS2 unit, as it supports a disc drive. That means you can store all your games in one place.

Master System Support

The Master System support is another feature that you should know about. The Master System is an older console that allows you to play games that were released a long time ago. But, there are very few units that support this console.

Controller Support

The controller support is another feature that you might want to consider. The controller is an essential component of the console, as that is what controls the gaming experience of the unit. Expecting the controller to last a lifetime is unrealistic, and you need to be ready to replace it when it loses its edge.

What People Also Asking About Best Ps2 Games?

The best ps2 games are the games that you can play on your ps2, the most enjoyable games for your eyes, your ears, your fingers, your mind, and your heart.

Q: What is a good ps2 game?

A: There are many games to choose from, but you should choose the ones that you will enjoy. You can try to find out which games are popular with your friends, which games are easy to play, which games are fun to play, and so on. You can try to find the best games, but you can also find out the one that you like best.

Q: How do you find the best ps2 games?

A: You can search the internet for the best games. You can find the best games in the web pages, in video games magazines, in video games magazines, and in other websites.


There are many amazing PS2 games out there, but it can be hard to decide which ones to buy. If you want to make the right decision, read this article and see which ps2 games will fit your needs.

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