What Are Mundane Potions Used For?

Spider eyes and magma cream give Glistering Melon a frightfully spooky look. Sugar, blaze powder, and ghast tears add an extra bit of dazzle to this makeup set.

What Are Mundane Potions Used For
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Why Can’t I Eat Glistering Melon?

If you’re looking for an unusual inedible food item to add to your collection, try the Glistering Melon. It’s similar to golden carrots and golden apples – a plant that was mixed with gold.
It’s one of the few inedible foods out there, so don’t miss out.
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Are Glistering melons edible?
Glistering melons are not meant for consumption.

Why Ghasts Are Sad?

Ghast is feeling down. No one wants to hang out with a depressed ghost, and Ghast has failed repeatedly at eating ice cream despite trying different methods.
The atmosphere in the GHAST HOUSE is not conducive to fun, so poor planning may be contributing as well.
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Why does the ghast cry?
When the Ghast is sad, it cries because it is trapped in the Nether Dimension.

How To Get Blaze Powder Without Going To The Nether?

If you find that you don’t have enough hot water, it may be due to one of the following: your hot water heater isn’t turning on or is defective, your shower valve isn’t properly adjusted, or your shower mixing valve is faulty.
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Is there another way to get blaze powder?
There are multiple ways to get blaze powder. One way is to hit the rod with a sword or an axe, which will break it in half.

What Blocks Don’t Stick To Slime Blocks?

When moving blocks of glazed terracotta or other materials, be mindful not to push others around. Instead, use a piston movement to move the blocks.

How To Get Ghast Tears?

Collecting their tears will yield experience and items.
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Can you get ghast tears from Piglins?
Yes, you can get ghast tears from Piglins. These creatures are typically traded for ghasts, which drop gunpowder when killed.

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