What To Do With Spheres In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

If you’re looking for spheres to add a touch of decoration or as part of your Halloween costume, be sure to check with local hikers. They may have some that they no longer need and would be happy to trade for traps, decorations or other gear.

Be aware though – thieves may also be interested in these items.

What To Do With Spheres In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
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Where can I sell spheres in brilliant diamond?

If you are looking to sell spheres in brilliant diamond, hikers are your friends. Always ask before trading since some people may not be familiar with the gemstone.

Be prepared to trade something interesting for a sphere- even if it is just some time. Don’t be afraid to negotiate either; there is always room for improvement.

What do I do with spheres in Grand underground?

If you find spheres in the Grand Underground, there are a few things to do with them. Collect them whenever you find them and exchange them for other items such as TMs, pedestals, or even coins.

If you have more than 500 spheres, it may be worth selling some of your finds in order to get money that can be used to purchase new items. Finally, keep your sphere collection organised so that it is easy to find what you’re looking for when needed.

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Some people might find it helpful to purchase decorations and traps with spheres. This is especially true for hikers who stand at some of the Underground’s corners.
The player has a limited amount of spheres, so they must spend them in order to purchase things like traps.
Source: diamondpearl.pokemon.com

When Does Machop Evolve In Pokemon Diamond?

Machoke is a powerful Pokemon that evolves from Machop at level 28. It has the ability to use powerful punches and tackles, as well as learn moves such as Dynamic Punch and Zen Headbutt, which deal massive damage.
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Many people are unaware that the Grand Underground is actually a dungeon. If you happen to get stuck in this level and cannot find an exit, make sure to press the “Y” button on your Nintendo Switch controller–this will take you directly to the bottom of the dungeon.
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