Where Are Skyrim Saves Located?

If you want to continue playing Skyrim after your current save file is deleted, copy all of the files in your My Games folder to a new location on your computer.

Windows 7 or later is required for some of the file transfers. The instructions are provided.

Where Are Skyrim Saves Located
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Where Are Skyrim Save Files?

In Skyrim, your saves are located in the My Games folder. If you’re playing the game on a computer with Special Edition installed, your save files are additionally found in the same location but with a “.SKSE” extension.
You can copy files you want to transfer from your save directory into your Documents folder on your PC.

How To Reset A Minecraft Server?

If you delete the “world” folder, Windows will start again from scratch. You don’t have to do this if everything is working correctly; just let Windows update and upgrade without deleting the world folder first.
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How do you delete a Minecraft server world?
To delete a Minecraft server world, first open FTP File Manager.

How To Delete Skyrim Saves Ps4?

If you want to delete data from a game that you have saved, first go to the “Application Saved Data Management” setting in the XrossMedia Bar. Select “Saved Data in System Storage.” Choose “Delete.” Select the saved data for the game you would like to delete and follow the on-screen prompts.
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How do you delete saves on Skyrim?
To delete character saves on Skyrim, you must load the menu and then select Save Menu.

How To Install Skyrim Mods Steam Workshop?

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How do I install mods from Steam workshop?
To install a mod from the Steam workshop, you first need to login to your account and navigate.

How To Find Minecraft Folder On Mac?

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