Where Is Faendal Skyrim?

Riverwood is a lumber mill located in the back of the town. Lumber from the mill helps to build houses and businesses throughout Back of the Town. Ralof’s Friend’s House is where you can find items that will help you on your journey, such as food and armor.

You can also find helpful people who will give you quests or sell goods in Back of the Town. Be sure to explore all corners of Back of the Town because there are a lot of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Where Is Faendal Skyrim?
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Where Is Faendal Skyrim?

Riverwood is a lumber mill located in the back of the town near Ralof’s Friend’s House. The mill provides wood for construction and other uses in Back of the Town.

Lumber from Riverwood can be purchased at Ralof’s Friend’s House or from other merchants in Back of the Town. Occasionally, events will take place at Ralof’s Friend’s House that may result in extra wood being needed for construction purposes.

If you need to find Riverwood, look for it on your map and head towards the back of town.


Faendal is located in Riverwood, and you can find him patrolling the village at night. If you’re looking to get into some serious combat, be sure to take on Faendal head-on.

He’s a powerful opponent, but don’t worry – if you can defeat him, he’ll reward you with valuable items and knowledge. Keep your eyes open for new quests that may lead you straight to Faendal himself.

If all else fails, consult Tamriel Online’s Interactive Map for help finding your way around Skyrim

Lumber Mill

Faendal Skyrim is a hidden location in the forests of Solitude, near the mouth of the Morthal River. To find it, start by following the path that leads north from Solitude into Falkreath Hold.

Once you reach Faendal’s lumber mill, enter and speak with him to Learn his Plans. Then return to Morthal and tell Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak about what you learned. If all goes according to plan, he’ll send forces to retake Markarth from The Empire while you take on an important new mission – defending Whiterun against attacks by dragons.

Ralof’s Friend’s House

Faendal Skyrim is located in the Rift near Ralof’s Friend’s House. To find it, travel east of Morthal and look for a small house with an injured deer next to it.

Once you’ve found Faendal, speak to him and he’ll give you a quest to help save his people from Deshret’s forces. After completing the quest, return to Faendal and speak to him again; this time he’ll offer you work as his bodyguard .

If your PC isn’t up for the challenge or if you just want some new loot, head on over to Ralof’s Friend’s House and take on its challenges

Back of the Town

Faendal is located in the back of the town, near the entrance to Fort Dawnguard. You can reach him by going through the main gate and following signs that will take you inside Fort Dawnguard.

Once you’re there, look for a blacksmith named Faendal who sells unique gear and weapons not found anywhere else in Skyrim. If you’ve completed his side quest “The Mind of Madness,” he’ll also sell an item that helps stop mental illness from spreading throughout Tamriel.” Be sure to visit him regularly if you want to stay ahead of the competition and upgrade your gear.

How do you get Faendal as a follower?

If you want to get Faendal as a follower, the first thing you need to do is find him in the game. He will usually be found near major settlements or at important locations. You can also talk to him if he’s available when you enter an area.

Sven writes a letter to Camilla Valerius

In order for Faendal to become your follower, he must first be convinced that the letter is from you. This can be done by reading it or having someone else read it to him and then voicing his belief in the letter’s authenticity.

After reading the letter, Faendal becomes a follower of yours

After convincing himself that the letter is from you, Faendal will then follow your commands without question. He will do whatever it takes to ensure your success and protect yourself from harm.

Faendal must read the letter and believe that it is from Sven

IfFaendal does not believe that you wrote the letter, he will not obey your wishes and may even attack you on sight. It is important for you to make sure that all of your followers know who sent them on their missions so they can trust what they are told implicitly

Where can I find Camilla in Skyrim?

Camilla can be found in Riverwood Trader, located in the city of Whiterun. She’s a Nord and an important figure in Skyrim’s royal court. You can also find her around Windhelm or Riften, depending on your game save file.

Be sure to speak with her extensively if you want to advance your relationship with her—doing so will impact the ending of the game.

Where do I find Camilla in Riverwood?

If you’re looking for Camilla in Riverwood, the best place to start is by checking out the town square. She can usually be found there chatting with her friends or taking a walk around.

The Golden Claw

If you’re looking for Camilla, the proprietor of The Golden Claw in Riverwood, be sure to barter with her brother first. This way you can get the best deals on items and stay within budget.

Bartering With Camilla and Her Brother

Bartering is a great way to save money when shopping at The Golden Claw because it allows you to negotiate better prices with Camilla and her brother. In order to barter successfully, make sure that you know what each item is worth before approaching them.

Store Hours

The store opens at 9am on weekdays and 10am on Saturday morning, so don’t forget to stop by if you’re looking for some new gear.

Location Information

Can you get Faendal back?

If you’ve lost your Faendal, there is a good chance that it can be recovered. There are many places where people who lose their pets take them in hopes of finding them again. If the pet has microchips or tags, its chances of being found increase considerably.
1. If you’ve killed Camilla and her followers, Faendal may return to the scene of the crime in an attempt to re-take his throne. This powerful foe is not easily defeated, so be prepared for a battle that will test your skills as a warrior.
2. You’ll need armor equipped if you want to take on Faendal – fortunately, he doesn’t have too much resistance against conventional weapons. However, he does possess some unique armor which can give him an edge in combat.
3. Killing Camilla is essential if you want to defeat Faendal – her death will cause him great pain and slow down his ability to regenerate health over time. Be sure not to miss any opportunities when fighting this enemy.
4. Keep an eye out for Faendal’s dark magic abilities – these attacks can do serious damage should they hit you directly or incapacitate you momentarily during battle.
5 . Finally, don’t forget about your allies – they’ll provide support while helping keep enemies at bay so that you can focus on taking down Faendal single-handedly

Where can I find Faendal after dismissing him?

To find Faendal, you can go to either Riverwood or Ralof’s Friend’s House first. If that doesn’t work, then you can try looking for him at Faendal’s House.

Finally, if all else fails, he might be found working in the lumber mill or at the market square in town.

Is it better to have Sven or Faendal?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a car. It all depends on your needs and preferences. However, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable vehicle, then you should choose Sven over Faendal.

Faendal is more useful than Sven in battle. Faendal has better stats than Sven, meaning he can handle more damage and survive longer in combat. However, Sven can be sacrificed to the Ebony Blade if needed, which makes him a valuable asset on the battlefield.

Who is the best wife to marry in Skyrim?

If you’re looking for the best wife to marry in Skyrim, a good-doer is ideal. They dislike corruption and tend to hang around Bee and Barb Inn. However, if you don’t mind corruption creeping into your life, a woman who hangs around the inn may be right for you.

Ultimately it comes down to what kind of person you are as a spouse; being understanding and forgiving will help keep your relationship strong no matter what happens along the way.

How do I divorce my wife in Skyrim?

To divorce your wife in Skyrim, you will first need to find a new marriage partner. You can do this by going to the civil law courts and filing for a divorce.

The process will take some time, but it’s ultimately an easy way to end your relationship with your wife in Skyrim. Make sure that you have all of the necessary documents before filing for divorce – this will help speed up the process considerably.

Be prepared for some difficult conversations when ending your marriage in Skyrim – but know that it is possible if you follow these steps correctly.

To Recap

Faendal Skyrim is a quest that takes you to the mountains of Whiterun. You must find Faendal and talk to him about his wife, Mora. If you have completed The Companions Questline, then he will be in jail outside of Windhelm.

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